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It's the 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone! are you gonna celebrate this holiday?

Hubby and I don't have plans of going out at all. He has to cut the grass and clean this little house of ours. But hey, I am excited to see fireworks display here. I was so unlucky last X-mas and New Year coz I was real sick due to pregnancy and couldn't witness it. This is my chance! Hope it won't rain, eh?

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are in trouble

Would you believe this or not? Me? I dunno.

There are lots of speculations that these two celebrities are splitting. The couple are married for three years and will be celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary this June 30. I hope this issue isn't true as they have their little girl, Violet.

Jen's spokeswoman already had spoken in behalf of the couple that all that came out are purely fabricated issues.

Whether it's true or not, it's still their prerogative to hide or to reveal everything.

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Danica Sotto gives birth

Bosing Vic Sotto's daughter, Danica, had given birth to a healthy baby boy. Jan Michel was born on Sunday which was also the day of Pacman's fight. The baby weighed over 8lbs. Both Marc and Danica are so happy to see their first child.

Vic Sotto in the other hand, doesn't want his first grandson to call him "lolo". According to the actor, it's been a tradition in their family that grandchildren call their grandfather as "tatay".

Congrats Danica! I'm next! (lol)

Coolest cars ; see for yourself

I am ambitious when it comes to cars. Hmmnn...I don't own one yet actually. If ever I'd get it for me, I want it to be one of the coolest cars in town. Opppss...don't think drastically against me. It's just simply as want and if there is an opportunity, why not grab it?

Hey! by the way, I found this website where you can see and learn about Cool Cars. Wooooo! they are really pretty! Cars are categorized by brand from Acura, Mustang down to Volkswagon.

If you are a car lover, come visit the website. Just click the link in between this post and you will be directed so quick.