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Homesickness upshot

After a two-week vacation in the Philippines, homesickness ate me fully for over a week. I couldn't put an end to be manipulated by my own emotions. Hence, foods - Filipino fattening foods -- became my comfort zone. It so happen that payday hit the day I arrived here with hubby and the lil one. Hubby was worried about me and so asked me what I want and I gave him the answer...Filipino store.

And yes, Filipino foods comforted me so much. It helped me all throughout my convalescence process. I feel better. Now I am gonna make you drool as well by showing pictures of the foods that fattened yet helped me in other way.

Selecta Ice cream - Buko Salad. So creamy and yummy!
Some of my favorites.Want some dried mangoes or langka candies?
Tell me if I made you drool :)...

Charter's Father's Day give aways

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Before anything else, I wanna greet all the fathers a Happy Father's Day. May you all have fun celebrating your special day.

Here is the real deal why this is posted, Charter is giving away more stuff to its  valued customers. Now, tell me who wouldn't want a free $300  gift card to The Home Depot or other retailers? Of course, you want it and I want it. The gift card is the certain answer to your wish of having a resource to finish your home projects.  I, too, have so much projects to do and been holding to start. With a $300 Home Depot card, sure will be able to start and finish my projects. So how to get it? Simple! Just order or purchase  one of Charter's best bundles. Please check out the website for the available packages or bundles in your area   or call customer service for clarifications and queries.

Hey, Charter's generosity doesn't stop there because Charter is also …

After a month... I am posting again.

Been back from the Philippines since the first week of the month and it's just tonight that I am giving my blog a lil time. I have few reasons why the hiatus took this long. Firstly, I had trouble finding myself because of homesickness. I didn't want my mind to be occupied too much by the memories I had with my family back home. Hence, internet was barely used during the process of  recuperation. Secondly,  I have been focusing my mind on practice driving on the main roads. Along with that is repainting the interior of the house with warm colors to achieve my goal of having a clean line designed house. Lastly, my brain suddenly became drained. I couldn't put the words together nor describe the things that transpired in the last couple of weeks and I know it was because of missing the people I left behind in my home country..

Time mends a crying heart. Now, I am feeling alright. I have overcome homesickness. Of course, I can not thank the husband…