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Friday, July 23, 2010

Free bedroom makeover, please!

I have decorated my house but not the master's bedroom. That room really needs a makeover from top to bottom. Needs to be repainted from ceilings to trims down to the walls. The ceiling fan needs to be replaced since it is so dated. Carpet needs no cleaning but reaping. I don't want a carpet anymore. It attracts to much dust, dirt, bugs especially when its over ten years old. What I want is for it to be replaced with bamboo or cork floorings, natural elements that look great and save the mother earth.

Here are some of the works that need to done. New bedroom furniture set should be placed in. I took off the old headboard without replacing one. The TV sits on the old computer table that hubby had before. Night stands are really hateful. I dislike the style, color and size. The problem is that hubby don't want to spend for that room. For him, it needs no changes and buying new furniture is just a luxury and not a need. He has a point, though, and that is very much respected. For that reason as well, I barely stay in that room, never sleep there either. I sleep in the lil one's room. Speaking of the lil one, her room needs a new bed, too. She is using a very old one that doesn't fit for a princess. Her room is much better compared to the master's bedroom as I painted it and changed the carpet into laminated flooring.

Desperately, all the bedrooms in my house need bedroom sets, three bedroom sets to be precise and I am extending to TV designers who do free make-over to come visit my house, do the flip!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My earnest thanks

Yesterday, I had a very happy birthday. A simply celebration took place at my in-laws who've been so dear to me ever since. MIL cooked spaghetti, rice, chicken stew and baked my favorite cake, the pineapple or upside down cake. I got an outdoor clock and of course, my charcoal grill as gifts. Hubby's niece gave me a Britney spears parfum while my dear partner gave me a dozen of red roses with a card. Indeed, my special day was a great one.

I thought that my parents didn't send any cards but they did. It came in yesterday, right on my birthday. Two weeks ago, I also received birthday cards from my brother and sister-in-law. Early greetings because I picked on them last year about sending the card too late. My other siblings also greeted me through SMS. So sweet of 'em. I love you all!

My special day was completed with all the birthday greetings and wishes from my friends in Facebook. My wall was flooded with sweet thoughts. I couldn't believe that I am that loved and important. Thus, this note that I made is for all of you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It doesn't end there

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ashworth College. All opinions are 100% mine.

A high school diploma is not enough to meet the daily ends especially if you are the bread winner of a large family. In line with that, you tend to seek a high earning job but seems you are not as lucky as those who hold a bachelor's degree. Fair or not, that's how the world runs now. The more you spend time in school, the more money you are putting in your bank.

The good news is that, college education chooses no age nor status. You can go to school at your convenience. Thanks to Online degree programs. Do not let your life end just there. You can be a parent while going to school. Having a work doesn't mean you got to stop schooling. Limited resources should not hinder you from feeding yourself with a higher level of education. Furthering your education is necessary if a brighter future of your family is a priority, a goal and a dream.

Now if you are looking for a school where you can start reaching your dream, Ashworth College is  basically the one that should be included in your list. Ashworth offers the following : flexibility on your busy schedule; all books and course materials are included in the tuition; zero-interest financing plus a low monthly payment plan; graduate without student loan debt guarantee; and over 100 programs to choose from.

Check the school's website if you want to learn more or simply click the link above to be redirected to the page.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

4 days to go...

and it's gonna be my birthday! Another year older and wiser but not an inch taller according to my mom who never quits on picking me about my height. It is funny though. I love it when she tease me because she doesn't do it often. Oh my momma, how I miss her so much. Haven't seen her for over a month now and probably til next year. I hope the sister would pursue her plans on buying plane tickets to the Philippines for both me and the lil one. It would be a lot of fun again to reunite with my parents and siblings.

In four days, I will be turning 28. Hmn..I am thinking what I am gonna get from the people who loves me? I will wait and be excited for the coming day!

Road to addiction recovery

Addiction is a condition of being abnormally dependent on some habit especially on being compulsive dependent on narcotic drugs. I am aware that it is like a virus that stays in the system longer if ain't treated quickly. My cousin is one of the pains of the society. He started stoning himself when he was in high school, he's twenty-five years old now and is in jail for shoplifting. For so many times that he'd been in trouble, his mother who happens to be my Aunt, did not extend her hand anymore. He has to learn his lesson to be a responsible child to his mother, a father to his six-year-old son and a role model to his younger siblings.

Help. How much help does he need? He needs a lot! He's drowned into so many habit-forming substances for nearly a decade now. It is sad to see him slowly killing himself as well as the life of his kid. He's been in and out of the correctional. Just imagine how much time he wasted, not seeing his child grow. My cousin is still young. There is still time for him to decide, to drag himself into the nearest rehabilitation center where he'd stay for a while depending on his recovery.

Meanwhile, I also want to share the situation of a friend in Florida. She is a pain killer dependent. I dunno how and where she gets it but she is always stoned, a situation that makes her children aloof of her. She has to start the opiate withdrawal to bring her family back. I will be talking to her on the phone maybe tomorrow. Hopefully, she is not stoned that we could talk soberly.

I love the people I mentioned above, thus, turning them away is not helpful. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Kris' broken trail

What road shall Kris Aquino, sister of President Ninoy Aquino of the Philippines and daughter of the late Aquino leaders, take after the storms in her life? Well, I know most Filipinos in the country are now informed about the host/endorser's current status.

Recently, I read various news about Kris Aquino regarding her marital issues with cager husband, James Yap. The couple shared a five-year-marriage blessed with a son, James Jr. The grounds for separation  are not laid in the public yet but the annulment shall be petitioned when Aquino comes home from a vacation in America.

Such a very sad story to hear. Kris has been so vocal with her life and the public almost know everything about her life -- tweeting and facebooking. I think its her way of connecting to the people.  Now that she wants her marriage to James Yap dissolved, people can not help but to form speculations. It's kinda like pro and against Kris. It is a bit worse as she is caught in between politics and showbiz. As the sister of the President, her moves are being watched and that it could cause rusts on his brother's leadership, reason why she quit the television show that she started and fell in love with.

I ain't a Kris fan, myself, yet I have nothing against her. What goes around, goes around. Whatever the news tell, true or not about her, shall not take my respect off the person. Hopefully, she'll be able to pass through this test and shall move on quickly.


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hurricane Gustav was one of the harshest hurricanes that hit Louisiana. Severe damages were seen all around the affected areas especially in my town where Gustav's eye passed through. I can not put into words how scared I was then hearing the strong winds hitting the windows and seemed like breaking them into pieces. The hubby was working so I was alone with the lil one who's two months old that time. Hubby couldn't get off work. The Sheriff's office required all law enforcers to work. I had no choice but to gather myself in preparation to emergencies.

The aftermath was beyond chaos. There were so many fatalities and injuries. Trees fell off in between houses putting the many lives  into danger. Roads were blocked by broken limbs. Shingles   scattered everywhere. Power outage lasted for two weeks, hence, the fight over gas in gasoline stations increased in numbers. Stores were almost out of basic needs especially canned goods and water. So many have had  transpired. Hurricane Gustav was such a horrifying event that I can not take off my  mind especially these times of the year -- rainy season.

Unlike other  families in the locality, my family didn't face too much problem, I meant nobody  was hurt compared to other families who mourned and suffered for their lost. The only thing that caused us money was the repair of the broken chimney. Downpour took place almost everyday after   Gustav and there was never a chance to fix the chimney that quick. The water flooded the ceilings that caused severe damages to the point of needing to change the ceiling boards. The family had to suffer from cross-cutting for a month just to cover the deductibles of the insurance.

Arghh! That was over! The chimney is fine now. No more worries, too, on the damaged ceilings. Hopefully, strong hurricanes or storms won't come visit that soon.

The video below will give you an idea of how dreadful it is to see your house flooded with water.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Three years and counting

 July 7, 2007, the day when hubby and I exchanged promises to one another. Four days ago was our 3rd wedding anniversary.  It's been three long years of fulfilling our promises to one another, of putting up to one's flaws and nobody is giving up (wink) and we are still together and that is forever.

On that very special day, hubby surprised me with a card he placed on my laptop. I didn't know he had that set because we are broke, the party made us and the coming retirement party of a friend who designated him to bring party supplies. After reading his sweet message, nothing much just "Mahal kita, babe", I gave him a call. I thanked him for remembering our very special day and for his sweet thoughts. He apologized as he can't take me anywhere and he'll make it up on payday or on my birthday coming 22nd. I said that it's all fine and I understand. 

So we just ate the left over ice cream and cake from the 'lil one's birthday party three days ago. Kinda like a celebration, eh?... if we are in the Philippines.

July is really a huge month in the family. Not just it's the lil one's birthday but it is our wedding anniversary, my birthday and FIL's as well. We expect too much expenses and that we have to adjust and forget about the stuff that we don't need. 

For thet last time, I am thanking again the people who greeted the 'lil one on her 2nd birthday and to those who wished us happiness and togetherness on our wedding anniversary. My words can't express how I appreciate your wishes and prayers. May God bless you all!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Continuing in the future

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of USC. All opinions are 100% mine.

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions since then, better than other professions, I believe. The root is, professionals won't exist if teachers did not impart their knowledge to them.

My mother was a teacher before she decided to have kids. As inspired as I was, I took an education-related degree  and  did impart a portion of what I learned to my students during my teaching days. Indeed, teaching  innocent kids was a very fulfilling job. Til now, I still reminisce those days. It makes me smile and think of the past especially when my former students recognize or remember me as Teacher Lira.

My education is essential to me. There is no better thing to do than to take it  a   step  higher and learn the newest essentials of teaching. Continuing education is part of my plan in the near future. Once my 'lil one starts schooling and my resources are fair enough to support my education, I will pursue my dream and enroll at The USC Rossier School of Education’s MAT@USC to take Master of Arts in Teaching online.   I opt the school because of its reputation being ranked #22 in the United States, and #9 among all private universities by US News and World Report ; an internationally renowned research institution with a 100-year history of educating teachers ; has a recognized faculty members ; full benefits for students and alumni ; and tuition reimbursement program exclusively for MAT@USC graduates. All these persuaded me to become one of the USC Trojan Family in the years to come. Requesting for the school's program information needs to be done prior to taking a new move.

Like my online pal who is going back to school come fall, I also want my dream come to happen.

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Highlights of Dannielle's 2nd birthday party

The lil one turned two years old a day after the 4th of July. She was so excited and kept on saying it's her birthday. The preparation, itself, was a lot of work yet so fulfilling for the party was a success despite of the uninvited downpour that practically messed the patio making my house so crowded. Guests came rushing in avoiding the mists.

This time around, I am extending my heartfelt thanks to those who remembered and greeted the lil one. Most of all, the Lord Almighty for all the blessings and for giving me a wonderful kid. All these won't be possible without his loving guidance.

I can not ask for more, the birthday celebrant enjoyed her very special day with friends around, the abundance of foods on the table and of course, the presents that made kids so excited during the opening time.

Here are the photos...

The invite.

Birthday cake with princess toppers. The celebrant requested for a princess and we gave her three of'em. 

Pigging out over delicious foods. 

The beauties :). We were the only Filipinas in the party. Kids were pickin' on our tongue. 

Singing the happy bday song before blowing the candles.

Eating a slice of her birthday cake. What's making her laugh?

Gathering around after opening of gifts.

Enjoying the presents. She's loves most of'em especially the toys, care not much on the clothes. 

Family portrait, a birthday souvenir. 

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I now have the idea

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of FriendGiftr. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sixteen days to be exact, a very special day will come to happen. That day is nothing less than the birthday of yours truly, another day to count the blessings that were poured upon me, another year to start a new chapter of a better life with the people I love and who love me in return.

For how many days, the mother-in-law has been on my butt asking me what I want on my birthday. I could not  say a word or two yet since I was in the middle of composing my mind about what I really want. Now that I am, I am so ready to talk to her about it tomorrow. And I want a gift card instead of letting her buy the present. I am thinking of a TJ Maxx giftcard that I could shop for more home decors and clothes if there's any credit left. She won't mind, I know that for sure, as   she's been telling me to tell her and she'll grant it heartily. What a great in-law, eh? I love her dearly, too.

Tomorrow, she's coming over that I could hand her the paper where I wrote down the name of the website, FriendGiftr, where she could purchase the gift card for me. She has trouble with the world wide web, hence, a little help is what she needs. The great thing about FriendGiftr  is that  there is no additional cost to swap out  giftcards   for a different merchant  and can be used on the website, Facebook, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android.

My birthday excites my lil heart not just for the presents that I will surely have but for another healthy year to spend  with my family.

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th, America!

Early this morning, I played one of my favorite songs on dvd, God bless the USA! It's the 4th of July, hence, patriotic songs deserve to be played today more than any genres.

Today, America is commemorating it's freedom, the freedom that America's forefathers fought 'til their last breath for the benefit of the   next children of the nation. America today is enjoying the respective Sunday and the long weekend by having b-b-que parties, cracking fireworks  at night (good luck for the rain is just around messing the good ol night) and other outdoor activities.

The 4th of July is also the birthday of Triz, daughter of my online pal Recel who authors Rare ordinary thoughts and two more outstanding blogs. I wanna extend my greetings to the lovely Triz who always makes her parents proud of her, a very happy birthday. Hope your wishes come true!

Yours truly has no plans on going somewhere. I have a long cleaning job in preparation to the lil one's birthday party tomorrow. So let me give you a time out that I could start what's laid on for me this day.


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