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Monday malling photos

The family spent at least 3 hours at the Mall of Louisiana today. Glad we did as there were lots of fun including a free carousel ride.

Here are some of the photos.
Note : As you can see, it's just me and the lil one. The hubby is not shown on the photo. He was our photographer (wink).

Thought she would cry when the bear touched her but nope! She loved it.

She was afraid at first and didn't want to ride but was able to appreciate it when we started moving.

Yes! mag most beautiful star revelead

Yes! magazine, one of the leading entertainment magazines in the Philippines revealed it's choice of the most beautiful star in Philippine showbiz.

Marian Rivera is the choice -- Yes! Magazine's most beautiful star. This is another achievement in Rivera's young career. As a title holder, Marian unveiled the cover of Yes! magazine's special edition during the presscon.

Another news is that she is GMA-7's new Darna. I then checked pictures of her in a superhero costume to find out if she fits the role. Yes she does, she is awesome with it...very sexy. I have watched some of her training videos and she definitely could do the stunts. Adding to that is the come back of best child actor, Buboy. I am so excited to see their tandem again. I enjoyed watching them before and I am sure I would when Darna starts airing.

Way to go Yan-Yan and Buboy!

Under construction

Please bear with me while I'm changing this blog's template. If only the old one is not acting up, I won't be doing this time consuming crap.

Alright, might as well do it now. I still have to search for templates.

*Update : Just finished tweaking tonight. I am not satisfied with the overall makeover but need to stick with this for now.

Over the top award

I would like to thank an online friend of mine, Mommy Jerl for regularly tagging me. Your tags or awards are huge help to me when I couldn't think of something to post and or if I didn't have much time to blog.

Hope you would tag me again.

I am stubborn this morning and that means I won't follow the rules for now. I will do any necessary modifications tonight.

1. To receive this award your blog must be exceptional in design and content; presenting us with new knowledge, a sense of style, or at times just giving us a smile!

2. Each recipient of the award will acknowledge the person who honored them with the award and then go to, copy/paste the award : Your Blog is Over The Top. (located on the right sidebar, scroll down)


Facebook is really dominating the networking world. I have heard positive feedback from friends and even read other people's satisfaction on their blogs. What a great achievement for Facebook. Now, the talk of the town is all about Facebook's new virtual tagging, the Tagyourfriend, where Facebooksters could tag their friends announcing what they think of them. Ain't that cool? I have tried it this new application and still waiting for my friends to respond.

Jon and Kate : it's over

I have watched the episode last night. Jon and Kate have clarified things out specifically the speculations about them two having separate lives. The issues about divorce is not just a vague rumor , it's a fact.

What happened to this family? They used to be like the "first Family". Televiewers love watching each and every episode primarily because of family tips and values, lifestyle of a family with multiples, racial concerns and other factors. Now I think this show must end for the sake of young viewers. Jon and Kate plus 8 is no longer a good example of a healthy family. It's all because of the couple's marital status -- Jon's vicious affair and Kate's social lifestyle which led to successive fights and separation.

Forgive me for my aggressive judgement. I just want to reiterate my perception on my previous post about this topic since everything has been cleared.

I understand producers are proud of the ratings. If that would be the basis to retain t…

Spams and scams on CL

Three weeks ago, I posted an ad on Craiglist. I was looking for a part-time or home-based job specifically babysitting (in my house). Basically, I included a little of my experiences as well as educational attainment. To top it all, that ad was just to look for a year old baby or two to be my daughter's playmate (which I highlighted in my post). My personal info were not included, of course.

So two days after posting and 'til today, I received too many responses. It made me so anxious everytime I open my inbox but neither of those were serious. It sucks coz there I was posting seriously and here come these insensitive people. Such a nuisance.

To prevent spams and scams from going through my e-mail account, I have decided to delete my CL account.

Sleeping problem remedies

I have tried some of the tips I've read online and true to what it say, it worked! Now I could sleep so quick at night with no twist and turn for hours.

In the said article on MSN, the author mentioned that high-carbs snacks boost levels of the brain's sleep chemical serotonin without overloading our digestive system.

So here are the tips that you may deem to try:
A cup of a cup of herbal tea (chamomile, lemon balm, or valerian) or warm milk at night.Nibble on one of these 10 high-carb calmers an hour before bedtime.
Half of a whole-wheat English muffin or raisin bagel drizzled with honeyTwo cups of air-popped popcornA small slice of angel food cake topped with berriesA frozen whole-wheat waffle, toasted, with maple syrupHalf a cup of pretzelsFresh strawberries dunked in a little fat-free chocolate syrupHalf a cup of pasta topped with marinara sauceA 4-ounce baked potato topped with salsaA handful of oyster crackers and a piece of fruitCanned mandarin oranges sprinkled with cr…

Just like mama

If you look at my daughter and compare her face to mine, you would say she does not look like me at all. Obviously, she got most of her father's features including the eyes and skin color with the exemption of hair color which is darker than his.

What astonished me was when I saw her sitting on the floor. Wheeeeewwwwww!!!... She sites just like me. The hubby couldn't do it which means...I won! Filipino genes dominate! Just kidding.

I do take pictures of her every single day. Glad I was able to capture this one. Nice catch!

Happy Father's day everyone!

How did you celebrate this very important celebration for the dads?

Ours was basically like a normal day. I just greeted my father in the Philippines as well as my daughter's dad, the hubby.

We went to Walmart around noon. Bought Dannielle's water, and our snacks and fruits. Aftersuch, the supposed to be special person for today had to wash the dishes, do the laundry and other minor household chores. Sounds too poor, eh? Well, the hubby promised that he would help me when he's not working. I am glad he didn't break it.

In fairness, he really don't do much in the house. He normally stays on his computer or sit on the couch to watch ESPN. If only there was a college baseball game, he could have done nothing today. He would sit his butt and watch TV the whole day.

The hubby is a great dad to my child. He is a good provider and loves the lil girl to death. I am telling you that he would kill someone who would attempt to hurt his lil one. A very protective dad in the other…

Two years, two losses

Two years -- that's how long I've been living in this country (USA). In that length of time, I have accomplished a lot yet loss two of the most important persons in my life.

December last year, my dear Uncle died. He was too young but he lived a great life. I have posted about him here.

I am not over with the hurt of such tragic loss and here I am dealing with a new one.

Heaven and earth fell on me upon hearing a devastating news. I had to ask my mother to repeat her words as I was out of myself. Suddenly, I became so speechless. I was just weeping and sobbing without uttering any words. My mother even had to tell me to be calmed.

Mama (grandmother) died yesterday. I was able to talk to her while she was laying in bed with all the needed apparatus attached on and in her body. She couldn't talk but was tearful. She was responding...We thought she'll be well because her vital signs were stable. She was fighting.

Before that happened, my mother said Mama was so happy and w…

Bad news

I just talked to my mother earlier. She was crying while telling me that my grandmother is in the hospital. She was found unconscious early in the morning and had peed in bed. She so ill. Her lungs is almost filled with water. The doctor said she'll have a 50-50 chance of surviving if they agree for a surgery.

The family just found out lately that she has lung cancer. Beforehand, when my grandmother was still doing great, she said she wouldn't want to undergo surgery or any means of treatment.

Now, each one of us couldn't do anything to save her. We'll do her will instead and just let her go. She had her house cleaned and told my mother where the wake should take place as well as the funeral. She knows she's about to go.

I am so sad. I dunno if I want to cry. I know it's coming and I hate to think about it. I hate to think that I am not there with her. I hate to think that she'll pass away without me seeing her for the last time.

I am having a Saturday break

We are off to my inlaws. This time, were staying there for the whole day. LSU is playing later and as a tradition, the family gathers around to watch this big event. This is also a time for me to rest from watching Dannielle. Everybody would want to watch her. No house work like cooking for today. Great opportunity.

So bye bye for now Jackie and friends. Talk to you later.

Swimwear for the 'lil girl

Yep, you read it right folks! The 'lil one got her first two-piece swimsuit. Mawmaw (grandmother) brought it today. She just came back from Florida to visit her child and grandchildren. Everytime she goes out of town, expect that she got something for her favorite granddaughter, Dannielle.

Mawmaw bought it at the Gap Store. I am glad my baby came out white or she couldn't wear 'tis two-piece. Add to that is a pair of pink flip flops I bought from Old Navy.

Yes, she is so ready to splash in her 'lil plastic pool.

Congratulations to you, Best!!!

Anne is 15 weeks pregnant!!! Yey! this calls for a celebration.

By the way, Anne and I met online. To be the whole wide blogosphere. The first time we exchanged messages, we felt the connection. From then on, we call each other "best", short for bestfriend. There is so much about her personality that my instinct is telling me that she is a good individual -- a good friend to keep.

I have not met this pretty new mom in person yet. Someday, somewhere, I'd love to spend time and get to know her more.

Congratulations, Best and hubby!!! hoping you will have a safe and easy pregnancy. It's tough all throughout that course but it is worth it once you see and hold your baby.

Note : photo was copied from Anne's friendster profile with no consent. FOrgive me, Best.

Slow, too slow

SS is so slow this afternoon 'til tonight (10PM CST). I was thinking that it's my internet connection that making it slow. So I tried checking my other favorites such as The World of Filipinas, Ebay, YahooMail and MSN hotmail. All are perfect.

Hmn...what seems to be the cause? THere must be some bugs or admins are doing updates. Either of the two might be right, just guessing (wink).

Honestly, I dunno what to include in my post anymore. I am quite bored. I am alone in this dark night. Everybody in this house is sleeping. Here I am talking bits by bits of this and that just to have an interim for my next paid post. Early tomorrow, I will be modifying my paid posts to ensure approval.

Since my buddy Jackie is at work and my sister is busy, I guess I have no reasons to stay awake this late anymore. So bye-bye for now.

Goodnight everyone! Sweet dreams!

Dannielle laughing at new toy

My 'lil princess is so much fun to be with. She laughs easily at simple games. The camcorder is always working once she starts giggling and even when she is not in good mood.

The video below was filmed two months ago after her first zoo visit. Her dada bought her a monkey toy as a souvenir at the zoo shop. Right when we got home, she and her dada started playing and I captured her laughing so hard at new toy.

Here is the video. Hope you will enjoy, too.

Hurry Jackie!!!

This morning, I buzzed Jackie about the available opportunities on SS. It's been quite awhile but did not hear from her. It's still 9M in Cali and 11AM here in Louisiana. I presume she is still in bed. RIght Jak?

Anyway, I reseved 6 opps, done the first one and still thinking on what I am going to write about the next.

Again, it is arduous to make two things at a time. I can not sharpen my mind if my daughter is pulling me while crying. It's a time out again. Be back in a couple of minutes, I hope.

Good morning everyone!

Wacky Gabby

Meet Louise, my 2-year-old niece. As you see, baby powder are all over her face. Just like any other kids, she is just curious about everything. There are times when she does crazy things, makes faces and all which makes everybody in the house (parent's house) laugh. Her personality is superb. Very friendly, funny and intelligent at her young age.

FOr Gab-gab, Tita loves you so much. Stay happy and pretty.

Bank switching

I am still not over with the $64 overdraft charge. I already have contacted customer service and it can't be revoked.

So today, I have decided to switch to CapitalOne Bank. What's great about it is that I don't have to pay an eight dollar or so for monthly maintenance which my current bank has. Plus, I will gain rewards for every use which is real good and beneficial in the future. I am just waiting for the issue to be settled, save another $50 to open a new account and it's done.

That was a nightmare and I am hoping there will be no next.

Anyway, it has been raining here. The little girl wants to go out on the porch. SHe's been so fussy but I can't give her wish for now. I tried to open the window blinds in case it's gonna work. TOink! It didn't. Now, she is pulling my shirt while I'm doing my rounds hehe. Alright, I guess it's time out for me once again.

$64 overdraft charge, heck!!!

I made a mistake when I did not check my account before I went shopping last Friday. I spent just three dollars over my available balance. But before that, I already have made three deposits/transfers from Paypal three days prior to shopping. Normally, the processing takes 3 days at the most. I trusted my instinct that it's gonna happen again but it did not. Til now, it's still "pending". Oh gosh, now I have to pay $64 for the lil amount of money I used.

The problem here is that, I was not notified by the bank (whitney) about the increase of overdraft fee. I thought it was still between $30-$40. What a heck! $64 is too much! I am bursting with anger right now. Might as well call customer service to complain and for clarifications after posting.

I know I have my share of stupidity with this incident. My plan is not to transfer money anymore after I dealt with this and just stick with my Paypal debit card. THat way, I can avoid this crap from happening again.

Shame on WH…