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Monday, March 31, 2008

Top 10 useless body parts

When you're sick you may feel that certain body parts are more trouble than they're worth. And in some cases, you'd be right. While the human body has evolved and adapted significantly since the caveman days, a few biological traces of our prehistoric ancestors still remain with us in the form of freeloading body parts we lug around with us, but have no use for. Take a gander at the top offenders!

10. Plica semilunaris
You may not know it, but you have a third eyelid. Pull open the two more noticeable eyelids and take a look -- it's located right in the corner by the tear duct. This small third eyelid is left over from what's known as a "nictitating membrane," which is still present in full form in some animals including chickens, lizards and sharks.

No doubt we were once hairier. Up until about 3 million years ago, we were covered with body hair. But by the time Homo erectus arrived, the ability to sweat meant we could shed our woolly ways.

Anatomy of the Nose (Image credit: © Microsoft Corporation.)
Doctors don't really know much about sinuses -- only that we have a lot of them. Possibilities for their function range from insulating our eyes to changing the pitch and tone of our voice.

Adenoids trap bacteria, but they're also prone to swelling and infection. Just ask any 7-year-old. Luckily, our adenoids shrink with age and are often removed, along with ...

Tonsillectomy (Image credit: © Microsoft Corporation)
Also prone to swelling and infection. If you still have them when you reach your 30s, it's almost an accomplishment.

Human Spine (Image credit: Dorling Kindersley)
More useful as a game-winning Scrabble word than as part of the anatomy, the coccyx or tailbone, is made up of several fused vertebrae left over from the olden days when we had tails.

Hair Growth (Image credit: © Microsoft Corporation)
When we were hairier (see No. 9), the arrector pili made the hairs stand on end when we needed to appear bigger and scarier. Now, it just gives us goose bumps.

Back in the day, when we ate mammoth meat off the bone and didn't floss afterward, our teeth tended to fall out. Therefore, when those reserve molars, aka "wisdom teeth," came in, they were welcomed. Nowadays, fluoride and dental plans have made them just a huge pain.

Appendix (Image credit: © Microsoft Corporation.)
Darwin claimed the appendix was useful for digestion during our early plant-eating years; it's dwindled down to little since we started eating more digestible foods.

1. Male nipples
Because, why?


Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to sterilize baby bottles

When feeding your newborn, don't assume that bottles and other items from their packages are clean. Always sterilize everything in water before use. This article will tell you how to sterilize your baby's bottles.

  1. Unwrap all bottles, nipples, and pacifiers from their packages and gather all items together. Separate the nipples from the nipple rings, if applicable; there's directions at the bottom for this.
  2. Place a pot, filled with water, on the stove and turn the heat on to high.
  3. Place items in the water, but be careful not to submerge more than the pot can hold. This can result in the water going over the top and bubbling over.
  4. Wait until the water boils for at least five minutes before taking anything out.
  5. Use a set of tongs to take out things from the hot water. Do not use your fingers or any other instrument. If you don't have tongs, use a fork to get out the nipples.
  6. Set the items onto a dish rack or paper towels for them to dry. Repeat the above steps for any items that didn't fit into the pot.
  7. Insert the items into a dishwasher or hand wash them with hot water for a good finish.
Removing Nipples from Rings
  1. Place your finger inside and have a grip on the ring part.
  2. Pull your finger out while having a grasp on the ring. The nipple should be detaching from the ring as you pull out.
  3. Hold the ring part as the pieces part from each other. To put back the pieces, stick the nipple part back in the ring and push down so that it "locks" into place again.
  • This does not have to be done every time, however, if you have well water, then it's best to do it more often[1].
  • Sterilize pacifiers on a regular basis to avoid bacteria spread, especially if the infant has a cold or the pacifier has been dropped on the ground.
  • Sterilizing bottles and nipples are recommended throughout the newborn stage; it's up to your baby's pediatrician to say how long the boiling should be for.
  • If using a fork to remove nipples from the water, be careful as to not puncture the nipple. You can also use a large plastic slotted spoon to remove the bottles and nipples as well, but make sure the spoon is sterilized as well by leaving it sit in the water with the bottles.
  • Sterile bottles are no good if your bottle rack is dirty. Make sure you clean it often, and sterilize the prongs the bottles and nipples sit on. If you don't have a bottle rack, a dish drainer or clean towel will suffice, but make sure it is clean!
  • Many companies also sell sterilizers for specifically this purpose. They work in a similar way (using water and high temperatures), but often have features that make them more convenient (timer, etc).

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Sources and Citations
Article provided by wikiHow, a collaborative writing project to build the world's largest, highest quality how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Sterilize Baby Bottles. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


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    Utah mommy

    Maternity dress

    Thanks to my sister who sent this.

    I love the color but not the design much (lol). Mamili pa jud og unsa ihatag.

    She bought this for 699 pesos from Buntis. I know the price coz she didn't pull the the tag. It's kinda expensive for a dress like this with such a simple design. The texture or cloth is cotton.

    Oh well, maybe it's the brand that made the price high.

    I was joking to them that for the first time, I received something from the Philippines or from my family for how many months of staying here. We just laughed anyway.

    Friday, March 28, 2008

    Over-the-counter paternity test

    DNA paternity testing kit goes on sale for 30 dollars at some US drugstore. Identigene, which runs a DNA testing laboratory,Test Collection Kit went on sale at the 4,363 Rite Aid drug stores throughout the United States, except New York. The swab in the kit is used to collect a saliva sample, to be mailed to the Identigene laboratory for an analysis that costs additional 119 dollars. It takes three to five business days to get the test results, which are delivered by mail, email, or online through a secured Web service.Sold without prescription, the paternity kits are not allowed as evidence in court, where more precise and costly DNA tests are required.

    Thursday, March 27, 2008

    Viral linking

    Been tagged by a pretty mom shimumsy.

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    I am tagging gerthy, gracey, jeanmarie and mylou.

    Wednesday, March 26, 2008

    Doctor's appointment plus a dress from in-law

    I had my monthly OB's appointment @ 1:30pm today. As usual, the doctor said I'm doing great as well as the baby. I was with my mom-in-law. Chad wasn't able to come as he can't take off from work. Me and his mom really get along so great. She loves to be with me.

    After the check-up, we headed to Wal-mart. She was buying some stuff for her dog and garden. On the way to the doctor, she was telling me if I'd go with her, she's gonna buy me clothes. Well, I did. I thought she'd gonna forget it but not. She even insisted to pick what I want. I aint that "kapal ang mukha" to pick something really expensive. So I picked a pink dress for 13$. It's not really a maternity dress but the design is(as seen in the picture).

    Just lovin the dress. Thankful as well for havin a sweet and funny in-law.

    Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    Gift for baby from Tita Lyn

    Got a package from my sister in the Philippines last Saturday. I was surprised as she didn't tell me ahead that they'd sent something for the baby. It's a baby book. I love the color--pink. The designs of the pages are really pretty. Equipped with the informations that we are gonna fill in. It's such a lovely gift. Not only that, she spent almost a thousand for shipping coz this thing is real heavy yeah. Well, she got money anyway(lol).

    Thanks Tita Lyn!

    More about me

    My friend Pinaymama tagged me today. Thanks sis!

    The rules:
    # Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog.
    # Share six unimportant things/habits/quirks about your self.
    # Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
    # Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog.
    # Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

    Six unimportant things/habits/quirks about myself:

    1.) I love writing but I'm not good in to it.
    2.) I cooked with a lot of onions and other spices but I don't eat it. Just put it aside (lol)
    3.) I love cabbage but I don't eat it when it's made for a salad.
    4.) I am friendly but I hate it when they bug me.
    5.) Am a neat freak but sometimes messy.
    6. I don't wear used clothes from other people. Afraid to acquire the underarm odor.

    Now wanna share this tag to my friends namely, Liza, Joydob, Poray's porangag, Gracey and Norm.

    Monday, March 24, 2008

    Pregnancy and sex

    Pregnancy has brought me so much changes. Emotionally, physically , sexually and more.

    Some pregnant women have different experiences with regards to their sex life. There are some whose hormones are so active with such thing and others don't.

    In my case, it's so slow. It's comparable to a food. I've lose my appetite. It's very rare for me to like it. Good thing is that, my husband is so compassionate with the situation. He doesn't ask or force me to do it. Just lucky!

    I dunno how many women out there are on the same boat like mine.

    Friday, March 21, 2008

    Around the world

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    Links around the world tag

    1. Momhood Moments 2. Business Mars 3. A Simple life 4. moms….. check nyo 5. Mommy’s Little Corner 6. Random Thoughts 7.Paradigm 8. Twinkletoe I 9. Twinkletoe II 10. SorealSotrue 11. Gracie de guzman 12. The Chic Shopaholic 13. Blog District 14.Rich Valla 15. Istilo Pinoy 16. Joey M.D. 17. The Working Mom 18. Online Raket 19. Tasteful Voyage 20.A Mom's Note 21. your link here

    I am tagging Jacque 2, Gigi and Princess' My daily ramblings rendezvouz.

    Thursday, March 20, 2008

    OB appointment

    The other day, somebody from the doctor's office contacted my husband for the second time. They are re-scheduling my appointment again.

    First, it was only the time that was reset. Instead of 11am they set it on 10 am on the 28th of this month. The reason? the doctor will attend a surgery.

    Just lately, it's not just the time anymore. My supposedly check-up on the 28th was moved earlier. It'll be on the 26th at 1:30PM.

    I wonder if they're gonna make some changes again. Hmn...let's just wait (lol).

    Dealing with stretch marks

    Lately, I am bothered by the itching on my tummy. My skin is really stretching (lol).

    I have a lotion which I bought from Walmart. A friend recommended it as it did have a positive effect on her.

    I hope it'll work on me. I wanna have a less stretch marks after giving birth.

    Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    Halle Berry's baby girl

    Last Sunday, March 16 of this year, the award-winning actress gave birth to their bundle of joy. They named the baby Nahla Ariela Aubry. Nahla is an Arabic-based name that means, "drink of water". Nahla weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces.

    Gabriel Aubry's ( Halle's boyfriend and a father to Nahla) family are so excited for the new addition to their family. Aubry has eight siblings.

    Baby Nahla is the newest celebrity baby of time. I am thinking how much will be the cost of her first photos.

    MyBlogLog Verification

    This blog is Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification .I dunno why this needs to be verified where this is a new one and I am the owner. Hence, I'm doing this for myblog's instruction.

    Tuesday, March 18, 2008

    Dannielle's sonogram photos

    My baby's cutie features. Her dad said that she got his nose and forehead. I'm glad coz mommy has a the "sarat" nose.

    Monday, March 17, 2008

    New blog

    I am starting my new blog. This merely focuses on my life as a soon-to-be-mommy. A first time mommy.

    Feeling the movements of my baby in my womb makes me so excited of seeing and touching her. I know we still have to wait for 4 more months before we can hold her tiny fingers.

    Updates about Dannielle, my baby's name as well as my pregnancy will most likely be written and read here.

    See ya around!


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