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Candle heart

Candle does a great job when it comes to eliminating odor in my kitchen every time I cook.

One time I cooked pinaksiw na isda ( a Filipino dish, fish cooked in vinegar and spices) and the odor spread all throughout the house. It was just so stinky that hubby had to complain (he wasn't mad wink, just have not adjusted til now).

So I lit the biggest candle I have. I was so amazed when it formed a heart while the wax was melting. So there I was and took this shot. Hubby was just smiling coz of what I did. He'd asked, why asians love to take pictures?". Just said "because we have cameras".

A date with Connor

As I've said in my previous post, we're off to the theater this morning. We woke up early, brought our daughter to her grandmother and the two of us (me and hubby) hurried to Rave for a 10:50 showing.

I was a little skeptical when hubby asked me if we could watch Terminator Salvation instead of Up. I honestly dislike Christian Bale. But I am glad I did watch the movie.

Terminator Salvation, this sequel is one of the best movies I have seen compared to the previous works. It brought out the softness in my heart when Marcus Wright, who is believed to be one of the machines, offered his heart to the ill John Connor(one of the leaders of the resistance). Wright was sentenced to death more than a decade before the salvation happened. His body and vital organ were used in the present but in all part, he is a machine made to destroy Connor, Reese (Connor's dad) and the rest of the human race. Just ignore some of the poor effects, though.

I had a great date with my Connor -- my hub…

OUr differences

Certainly, hubby and I have dissimilarities when it comes to TV shows. He prefers comedy such as family guy, 70 show, friends and sports. For him, he'd rather watch those than watching my favorites like TLC's What not to wear, 18 kids and counting, shopping network and CSI. But hey, we are one when it comes to Dannielle. Both of us watch Sprout with our daughter.

Movies...hmn...He loves cartoons and action movies while I am fond of fantasies and fairy tales.

Anyway, we are off to the theater tomorrow. We are still thinking which movie to watch. I guess we'll just gonna play it by ear when we get there.

It's already 10:40 here. Time to bye-bye for now as hubby is waiting on the couch to watch Slumdog millionaire.

2 years and still kicking

Yesterday marked my 2nd year of living in the land of green pasture. It seems to me that I've been here for five years or so. I can't say though that I am fully oriented with the American lifestyle. To be specific, I am still in the midst of learning the accent or the distinct style of pronunciation here in the South as well as the American diet.

In that length of time, I have accomplished a lot. To name a few, I married the most wonderful man I've met with the addition of our baby and living a very simple and content life.

I have so much to look forward to this year. My daughter's first birthday, 2nd wedding anniversary and celebrations and events.

So far, blogging and selling a bit of this and that on Ebay are my bread and butter, I meant for shopping.

I have nothing to ask more aside from a continued harmonious home and and a healthy lifestyle.

So long for me and my family.

Freedom ain't free

Today, Americans are celebrating Memorial Day. This event is owed to the brave individuals who lost lives in the battle to achieve liberty from slavery, detention, or oppression.

Hence, I would love to greet each one of you a Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy this freedom but please don't forget that someone had to pay for it.

Spending time with sproutlet

My friends were asking me lately why they rarely see me online (YM). The answer to that is merely plain and simple. I am doing my rounds as a mother or "spending time with my sproutlet". Others vaguely understand my situation yet I am very thankful to my friends who never forget to leave messages.

Apart from being a mother, I am also a housekeeper. So today, after a century of not looking at our bathroom, I spent hours in that part of our bedroom to clean the tub, shower, toilet, closets and vanities. My husband uses it and I am using my daughter's. It is so nice to see that place clean and sparkling.

It's already 8:58PM and here I am still waiting for my lil one to fall asleep. I have been trying to but she cried, which means she didn't want yet. I don't wanna fight with her as I hate to wake hubby up (he gotta work early tomorrow). She is good though once she really wants to be in her crib.

While creating this post, here she is standing by me while watching s…

Yey, it's Kris!

Whew! I was so anxious of who's gonna win for tonight's American Idol 2009 finale. I was really thinking Adam is going to bag the title but nope! Americans voted for Kris Allen!

Kris I think can not believe that he's the new Idol. He was so stunned and speechless when his name was announced. Ryan even had to make him expound his speech. That was funny yah.

Since the start of the contest, Kris was one of my bet along with Allison. Gladly, they both made it to the top.

Congratulations, Kris Allen! You're the man!

Philippine pornography and beyond

Actress Katrina Halili and cosmetic surgeon Hayden Kho's sexy dancing video is one of the most talked issues in the Philippines today. The said controversy urged the Philippine government to put an eye against sexual abuse and web pornography.

Senator REvilla is now helping Halili to seek justice against Kho, who is believed to have spilled the video. The alleged surgeon is out of the country together with his (ex)-girlfriend. The immigration have issued a watchlist as well to inform him as he gets back.

As the controversy evolves, politicians are also stepping in to be seen by the public eyes and this has something to do with the incoming election. If these ain't involving huge personalities, I bet they won't take this seriously.

Though Philippines is a conservative country, there are still too many pornographic materials involving Filipinos especially on the web.

In one way or another, I still believe in "Prevention is better than cure". I know everybody gets…


Four days ago, I listed four (4) pairs of shoes on Ebay. When I checked my account this morning, three (3) of my listings/items sold. I still have 1 more left, running for auction (buy it now) in 25 days.

Now, I am planning again to list or sell some of my unused or new shoes and clothes. Those are just sitting or hanging in my closet and occupying space. Besides, I am not working yet and when that time comes, my stuff would be out of trend anymore. I will just update my wardrobe later in time.

Pictures are to be posted either tomorrow or the next day.

Shoes for sale on ebay

Good news! If you have small feet like me, this is your chance to catch my shoes for sale on Ebay. Four (4) pairs of gorgeous shoes/sandals are off for auction.

All items are new in a box and in perfect condition.

These are sizes 4 to 4.5 US.

Note: smoke and pet-free home.

Swapping CP

Both mine and hubby's phones are eligible for upgrades. He already did his but not satisfied with the new one. He paid $18 for the upgrade fee as well as almost $3 for taxes. It's a great deal for a new samsung phone with so much features. The problem is, it is not suitable for his job. The phone seems so dainty and I guess it's made for me (wink).

Today was supposedly my plan for to upgrade but there was a sudden changed of mine. $20 is $20 and that is pretty much expensive if I still have pursue my plan. So I have decided not to (for now).

Later this afternoon, hubby asked me if I want to swap our phones. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Of course, yes. I would love to, I told him.

Now, I have his phone and he's using mine. Sounds practical, eh?

Enhanced waves

Oh, how I love my hair now.

My natural wave hair was unmanageable when I was still in the Philippines. So instead of enhancing it, I'd chosen to have it straightened (rebonding system).

Now that I am just staying home, my hair is no longer a mess. Apart from that, I found a product that helps to hold (not frizz) and enhance it's natural wave.

Jon's vicious affair

I knew it is gonna happen. The star of TLC's Jon and Kate plus 8 is facing a very scandalous condition.

I have been a regular follower of this show. I enjoy watching the kids doing some silly stuff. That by far is the only reason.

What annoys me is the mother of these kids. I find her so arrogant and dominating Jon as the head of the family. Well, she was not like that when I watched the very first episodes or seasons of the show. She seemed so tame and nice. As the show progresses, I think she begun to milk it and put everything on her head. I remember the host of E! Soup was making fun of her. In fairness, I know it is so hard to be a mother (of 8) but her mouth is just so irritating as well as her gestures. No wonder Maddy is just so like her.

Jon in the other hand is a very cool dad. I say so coz of what I've seen on TV. He is funny and maybe lazy at times (according to Kate).

So why Jon is having an affair with someone younger? I think Kate is to be blamed.

Jon and Kate both…

Are you hot?

Living in a place where humidity goes up to a 109F is such a curse. There are times when I do not want to go out of the house. It feels like my skin is on the grill. Just so lucky that our car is just two or three meters away from the door. It takes a couple of minutes before the car cools off which it does not bother me that much.

My question is...are you comfortable when you are in your car during these times of the year? I know I am not alone and there are some of you who suffer from high temperature.

Not everybody is blessed to own a better quality car. Some cars does not even have an airconditioner or heater. Others does not have an A/C compressor as well. Com'on, this is not a luxury. Pamper yourself especially this hot season. Get an AC.

8 things

A tag from a mommy like me. Thanks Mommy Joy for this meme.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
* CLearance sale shopping
* To visit my family back home in the Philippines
* 10-year Green Card application
* Dannielle's first bday
* 2nd wedding anniversary
* 2nd year in the USA
* More job assignments with a higher payout
* Swimming this summer

8 Things I Did Yesterday
* Updated my blogs
* Watch my favorite Filipino shows online
* Talked to my sister in Canada
* Went shopping
* Clean the house
* Cooked supper
* Watched my daughter

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
* Work
* Get my DL
* Visit Philippines
* Be closer to my friends
* Buy new furniture
* Rest from watching my daughter (for a week)
* Drive my own car
* Go everywhere without asking someone to drive for me.

8 Shows I Watch
* Totoy Bato
* Chill Princesses
* American Idol
* What not to wear
* Little People, big world
* All about eve
* Chelsea Lately
*Travel channel

First studio photo

Today was a "mall day" for us. We went to the Mall of Louisiana this afternoon for Dannielle's exposure. She did great in the first few hours but got so restless when we were at the photo studio.

I have seen a new Dannielle while the photographer was taking pictures and trying to make her smile and it didn't work. My daughter is a happy baby and smiles everytime we say "smile" for picture taking but today she was just frowning. No smiles or laughs at all.

The picture above is one of the four shots we have chosen. It came out good, though. Love that shot. She is just so pretty (wink).

Note : It was an unplanned photo studio visit.

My new hobby

What I am up to this time is to try sewing my own dresses. I already have the fabics, threads, tools such as sewing machine, scissors, styling design ruler and more. Also, I have printed a couple of designs to incorporate with my own.

I came up to this decision because I have been wanting to own gorgeous dresses but then they are too pricey and I am hesitant to just throw my money away. I own ready-made dresses but the fit are not perfect knowing that I am petite. I want a custom-made for my size.

Sewing is not new to me. I have tried making simple stuff. Now I am so excited because I have the book for instructions on how to make stylish and fashion clothing.

Way to go!

Mother, mother I am sick

For the very first time, my daughter was running a fever with colds the other night. For her 10 months of life, that night was horrible for me and her. I was frighted that it'll get worse but glad it didn't.

Sleepless night and soared arms were the results. That I got coz she was so uncomfy and wanted to sleep on my chest or just wanted to be rocked. What I am glad now is that she's fine and back to the usual Dannielle.

I blamed it to the sudden change of temperature. The humidity is just freaking high. It feels like my skin is burnt the moment I step out of the house.

Just another experience and I know there will be more ups and downs in the future.

She's 10 months old

Two more months to wait and it will be Dannielle's first birthday.

Time flew so quick. First thing I know she'll be walking any day now. She started standing by the wall, tables, chairs, etc. when she was seven months old. Her tiptoeing is the reason why she can not stand on her own yet. She hardly can balance herself. The hard soles shoes ain't working at all.

Her dada's gift is a new little casio organ.

Long way to go for the three of us.

As promised

The picture above was taken by my hubby and is the only shot that I may say perfect. The rest of the pictures are blurry. My mother-in-law was our photographer that time but sad to say she did not do a great job.

I wanted to do the job but Dannielle was just so fussy. She did'nt want anybody touching or holding her besides me.

Well, it's over. At least we got one for her book.

Thanking my in-law and for everyone who witnessed the christening as well.