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Her first Kool-Aid

One of the many things that I am afraid for my daughter is her to grow up fat. You know how much criticisms huge people get when they go out in the public and I don't want it to happen to the lil one, to be humiliated  by the non-appreciative beings. Her being healthy and a normal kid are just amongst the many wishes I have.

Thus, I don't train or teach her to have a sweet tooth. Her everyday meals include fruits, vegetables and rice of course with tons of water. I do give her a cup of juice a day as suggested by her pediatrician. No candies nor chocolates nor cakes nor ice cream. Am I depriving her of those comfort foods? I may say I am as they bring no good to one's health.

Her first taste of Kool-Aid punch.  Thus, mommy took a picture of her holding a bottle of a tempting punch for kids to add to her book.
So last Saturday, hubby brought himself a pack of six bottles of Kool-Aid punch. He said he's just gonna try 'em. The lil one saw him sipping and so  asked f…

Coupon codes by my side

Just the other day, I had so much fun online shopping. I frequent this certain online store for awhile waiting for clearance sale to flash into my eyes. Last Monday, I surely hit the jackpot and bought a lot of clothings with tags 70% off the regular price. Gifts for my family in the Philippines filled my shopping bag, only a few pieces for the lil one and none for me and the hubby. I spent around eighty bucks including shipping and tax. Supposedly, the over all amount was a hundred bucks and cents but then I used the coupon code I found at coupons. Glad I did search for coupons, as I normally do,  before I did check my items out.

Sometimes, I'd rather shop online if I am buying for my family or for  the lil one  and not  for myself. I love to spin the crowded stores sorting the clearance racks for great stuff. I could care less either if there is a queue to the fitting room. I can wait and fight for the traffic if it's for me. And yes, I usually bring store coupon…


Well, I was craving for doughnuts earlier but couldn't drive to the store, so, I thought of making some. Since I am watching my weight, fried foods are a No-No, thus, baked.

My first attempt was a failure. The first few doughnuts didn't come out great. It was kinda burnt and stiff. Tsk! I really can't bake! I was dismayed and was about to throw the dough but saw a photo of cinnamon rolls posted by a dear friend of mine in Facebook. Blessing in disguise! Why not try it?  Instead of pushing through my plan, I then made a few rolls with cinnamon, cheese and ube fillings.

My version of ube and cheese rolls. 
So yummy especially the ube (purple yum) roll. Haven't tasted the other flavors yet as I still am full from eating the former. 

Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.
Tonight, I did not let go of a free chance of winning a weekend stay in a hotel for FREE with my friends. I just entered in Chain-of-Friends Sweepstakes brought to you by Hampton Hotels and if luck is with me, I could win myself either the Grand Prize or one of the 100 First Prizes. I am thinking of a great weekend right there. It's gonna be a lot of fun with my closest friends and family.

Now if you are interested  on hitting the jackpot, just keep on reading.

Hampton, one of the most stayed hotel in the country and around the world, has something great for all of us. If you have not heard about it, then let me give you the briefest information I could.  If you live within the US, DC , Canada excluding Quebec, UK and Mexico then your in to the  Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes where you  could win any of the following prizes:
Grand prize winner receives a free stay in the 100 room…

Tapioca baby

Patiently waiting for the tapioca pearls to cool minding not the cool temperature coming from the freezer.  See her reaching for it? She's checking if it's ready or not. 

Now I have a rival when it comes to eating Tapioca Pearls (A starch extracted from the root of the plant species Manihot esculenta. A gluten free, and almost completely protein free food according to Wiki) in the presence of my two-year-old girl.

Every afternoon, I make it a point to cook tapioca pearls ( bought from Oriental store). The lil one asks for it in whisper and won't leave me alone until her request is granted. I don't complain because I love eating it, too, mixed in chocolate shake.

Yummy! I am actually having a chocolate shake with Tapioca pearls right now. It's a left over from earlier's snack. I can eat this over and over again. So delicious! What can I say?

Boost Mobile's Reboost Program

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you tried  Boost Mobile yet? If not, let me give you the the points as to why it is so hot these current times. To start, Boost Mobile is part of the Sprint Prepaid Group that offers wireless phones and services with no long-term contracts. So if you are amongst those who are  not happy with your current provider but have to stick to the network because of the contract, then, Boost Mobile is I think the best for you. More points are laid for you below :

Payment method - I understand that we are living in a fast-paced environment and that time is limited to jobs and family. With Boot Mobile's Re-Boost program, customers can now either choose to pay bills on-line, in-person, pay by phone using debit or credit card or sign-up for worry-free automatic payments. Whichever way is comfortable, all the necessary advanced options are made applicable and accessible for Boost Mobile's value…

Once upon a time...

...there's a kid who enjoyed being in the Mall of Louisiana's playland.
And since there's no drums in the said place, she made her own in the presence of the ladybug.
When sliding time came, she pulled her mama off the chair to be of help while she climbed up to the tree slide.
"Weeeeeeee..." she said while sliding down the tree slide, again and again and again.
Done with the tree slide, she then dominated the other slide, the bee slide and sat on the steps for awhile impeding the flow of the traffic. LOL.
Came lunchtime and she ain't done  playing. She wanted to stay but her Dada and Mama were  hungry as well as the the place was crowded with big kids occupying most of the toys. The lil girl agreed to eat with her parents. Later on, she forgot about going back and didn't bother to ask anymore.

Philips Livable Cities Award

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

If there is one thing that I wanna  wish big time, it would be   for the children of today and tomorrow to come to have a healthy planet to live in.  I am aware how much pollution Mother Earth is suffering right now. We, humans are tearing down the gift of life and only few are working hard in the preservation of such.

I live not too far from the city, thus, I am too close to every negative aspects it brings, hence, my health and well-being are kinda affected as well as my family's. It bothers me a lot but I can not do anything for now nor I can not think of solutions to share to the public on how to make this place a better for my children but I have something to share that would surely make a huge change especially to the people living in the cities around the world.

In behalf of the Philips Livable Cities Award, I am inviting you, you with solutions in mind to help in the improvement of  …

Would you buy this set?

Tell me how much would you pay for this set? Are you willing to pay the asking price of $1000? A thousand dollars for this old and not in good shaped furniture? Tsk!

Ok, I found this one listed on Craiglist. So what do you think? I am just hoping that nobody bit this crap.

I frequent Craiglist  hoping I could find a great deal on furniture. Normally, the flow is smooth when I see items on sale that are priced perfectly according to its condition. Of course, there are crashers that ruin the party,  sellers  who are so selfish, pricing their stuff like it's brand new and never used. Heck!

Now I am again browsing the site.  So far, I see no scams or spams which is a great thing. I see a couple of things that I want but can't get yet...

The beauty of virtual dating

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.

Four years ago, I never thought I would meet someone whom I'm gonna spend my life with through thick or thin. I was into so much stress with work when he came in and colored my days with red. Yes, I tried  virtual dating with a  hope that I could find  the happiness and satisfaction that I was looking for a partner. That stage in my life was not a waste because at an instant, that special someone came to my door telling me how much I mean to him and all. Love blossomed through the internet. Now, I am married to him for three years with a toddler that hypers the day.

I must say that virtual dating is now a trend. Forget about phone dating, blind dating or any means of dating because the world is now run by computers. The beauty of virtual dating is that  it offers a lot of options and it is safe. According to THS investigates, virtual dating "technology is extremely women-friendly, …

The DL deal

Well, I am kinda disappointed. I was expecting to have my driver's license yesterday but I didn't get it. It was raining and it's against the OMV policy to conduct road tests during bad weather.

I woke up so early yesterday (with a lil hours of sleep) to be at the OMV on it's first office hours that I could take the written exam as well as the road test in the morning while the heavy downpour is at the other side of the county. I've waited for my turn only to be told that I got to undergo a 6-hour-class relating to driving  per OMV policy (for first time applicants) before I could take the tests. From then on, my day was ruined. Sitting in that room for 6 hours is not a joke. There was a lot in my mind - leaving my toddler for the whole day, catching up OMV's office hours and exams stress.

So I did take the 6-hour-class that ended at 2:30 in the afternoon. I enjoyed the class, though. Headed to the OMV after a long period of sitting. Waited for my number to be…

Become a teacher thru The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Woodrow Wilson. All opinions are 100% mine.

Working in a private high school as an assistant Librarian and a part-time teacher is a huge privilege that molded me into a better person  as well as appreciate teaching even more. It was such a pleasure to be a part of a huge family and  a sister to the rest of the faculty and staff who are mostly holders of Masters in Education (lower ranked) and Doctors in Education (administrators).

Meanwhile, I had a voice chat with an ex-colleague last week. She is here in America because of a teaching job in a public school. In two years of her stay, she has adjusted not fully to the culture, thus, wants to go to school again to keep her from homesickness. She earned her Masters in Education in General Science back home and wants to further her education in the field of Science and Mathematics.

In relation to teaching, I came across a website, today. I learned a few re…

Butterflies in my tummy

It is sixteen minutes to two in the morning and I am still wide awake. I am supposed to be in bed earlier than my usual bedtime  because I will be heading to the Office of the Motor Vehicles at around seven this morning  yet here I am blogging instead of trying harder to doze off.

I must admit that I am kinda nervous about this thing. It is my first attempt and hopefully the last. I hate to think of failures especially in the matter that requires not a huge time to read and understand notes. I know how to drive and definitely learned the traffic signs and laws while on the road for a two-month-practice. What's lacking is that my experience, it ain't as old as others have.

Now that I have vented what I feel, I shall go now and try to sleep. Wish me luck today!

Beat the heat!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.

How would you deal with 100-105F heat index? I bet you would rather stay in a cooler place than do yardwork  or soak yourself in the waters to cool down. I can not blame my friends who drove from states to states just to beat the heat here in Louisina. Kinda disappointed as I wasn't with them when they made the trip because  I was in the midst of practice driving in preparation for my driver's license application. Now I am ready to take the test and tomorrow  marks the day of giving it a first try. When these things are over with, summer fun for me and the family shall start effectively!

Meanwhile, I am thinking of the summer events in Branson, Missouri. I believe Branson  have so much going on for everybody regardless of age. Some are just  the following activities:
Branson Z FestNational Kid’s FestStage One National Dance FinalsPerformances by Travis Tritt and Tanya TuckerFather…

Who's telling the truth?

Photo found on MSN.  The ex-power couple of the Philippines undergoes marital rift.  Kris was named as a family wrecker due  to her previous relationships with married men while James have had controversies regarding the women outside his house. Their backgrounds are now used against them.

The Philippine presidential sister, Kris Aquino, revealed her deteriorated marriage to James Yap to the public. But the question is, is she telling the truth? I have watched a couple of her interviews but not her very explosive interview at SNN. I heard that Kris opened the untold story of her marriage book in that particular showbiz program. I just don't have the time to watch it.

Tonight, I hopped on the gmanews page to update myself about my homeland. Part of news reading/video watching is peeking on the showbiz tab of the website. I was hoping to read different gossip/story,  not related to Kris Aquino but nope, yet I was surprised that someone came out to speak from James' side. So, one o…

NMEDA and the road to independence

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sooner or later, my mother-in-law will become a caregiver of none other than her husband. If the third back surgery on the 19th won't do good for him, God forbid he'll really become more dependent to his wife. The father-in-law has a knee and back problem and could barely stand up long. He has a hospital  wheelchair, unfortunately, he's not comfortable in it. I saw these infomercials about wheelchair vehicles  on TV and I think that's what he needs.

In my twenty-eight years of existence, I have seen how a disable person lives. It makes me cry deep within and bring myself into an in-depth thinking why one's body deteriorates and why one suffers from severe pain. My deceased maternal grandfather was on wheelchair for years. He suffered from serious high blood pressure for six times before he passed away. My memories about him being ill were vague because I taught myself to forget …


My house has now a new decorator in the presence of a two-year-old girl, my daughter. Check out the picture below.

She says "No, mommy, stop!" when I was trying to put up the things that she'd placed on top of the  coffee table, bookcase and sofa table. Serious, that's how she is when she decorates lol. I believe she saw me rearranging stuff around and that she does it, too. What a mocker, eh?

This is how it looks like when the lil one starts redecorating the house. She said "It's pretty, mommy. Wow!" after placing her cup atop the candle. I still have some photos to share but I have to dig my files for that.

The Bright Beginnings

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

I just hopped out from and guess what I just found out. The store brand infant formula, Parent's Choice, has now a new face. I just saw the new can design and I have to be honest tonight, the new one is better. I so love it! The logo, itself, is very colorful  and the font create more beginnings in persuading more parents to buy the new Parents Choice infant formula or shall I say the Bright Beginnings Infant Formula. The design as well looks fun in the eyes of babies and toddlers.

The new can design doesn't mean that the nutritional value has weaken. It is the same infant formula that everyone loves and trusts. Don't let  the new look stop you either from buying the formula. The price did not change, it is still half price cheaper than other brands.
And before I forget, there is another great news that I want to share, my fellow parents.  The infant formula is not…

Dream house in the Philippines

I have been thinking of building my own house in the Philippines. It is not gonna happen that soon or in the nearest future unless I won myself a lottery. Wait a am I gonna win if I am not playing? A question that I keep on throwing myself everytime I daydream of my own house and the places I am gonna visit with my family.

So below are the pictures I googled today, the pictures of my dream house. I kinda caught in the middle, though, on which of which.

I am inlove with the stone work, color, style and the balcony. The problem is it's a three-storey-building, not recommended in my hometown.
I love the style but the balcony is too small. The garage is wide enough to entertain guests.

Note : the pictures above are not my own captures, hence, I am not claiming my own.