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Shop til we drop? naaaaaaaa

Hubby has always been so generous to me. Whatever I want he gives. His goodness is so priceless. That is why I never abuse him. Everytime I ask for a lil shopping, I make sure he has an extra amount or spare. I know bills are more important and our baby's needs than my addiction (clothes and shoes).

So, today we went to Tanger mall. I spent almost a hundred bucks for the three of us. Of course, Dannielle ate a larger fraction of the budget. I bought a pair of jeans and two tops from Charlotte Russe outlet. Levi's shirt and a pair of Adidas shoes for hubby. The little girl has 4 shirts and 2 leggings.

Everything I mentioned was on sale from 50-70%. It's great to shop when it's clearance sale, eh?.

Oh, such a great day.

The curse of paste shrimp

While enjoying pork with binagoongang baboy and rice for lunch, I also had to deal with the smell. I think that was the other day when I cooked such dish. Scented candle did not help much to deodorize the house. So I tried suppressing the odor by boiling water with vinegar. Few hours later, it was gone.

Opening the windows was not an option for me. Fresh air is surely the best deodorizer, I know. Hence, it was freezing that day. For security reasons, I normally don't do such if the hubby is at work. Though it's not of a big deal really coz he always stop by the house and check on us.

Lesson learned :

Never cook dried fish, paste shrimp and other Asian goodies in the house. Been there, done that twice and won't do it again.

Busy and bored

Yes, I am. Just for this hour, though. I got two job opportunities this afternoon. The first one is worth of writing coz I am satisfied with the offer. The second one is I think a waste of time. Hence, I want to save for our vacation next year. On the other hand, it won't take me long to do it. So I grabbed it and will be submitting after this post.

I hope there will come a time that triple P would be the same as before. I enjoyed every moment I had with my computer. Boredom was not an issue. Now, I am a bit wreck. I am stuck in this house cleaning and watching my daughter. I enjoy it but the interaction I had with my friends makes me alive as well. Hence, we can't spend time as much as we had before. They are working full-time. They might stop working and focus on blogging. Who knows?

This is my life...

Wazz up folks?

It's been awhile since the last time my last update.

Actually, there is nothing much going on here. Well, aside from my daughter who just enjoy every minute of her exploration. What so funny about it is just she follows me wherever I go. Whether I am in the kitchen, living area and even here in the computer room. Now she is crying coz she can't be with me yet. I put her in her chair and she can't crawl.

What I wonderful world I have with my family especially with Dannielle. She is just a joy. She annoys me sometimes but her smiles and laughs are the antidote that makes me melt.

By the way, she is seven and a half months now. Time just flew so quick. Sooner or later she will be walking and running.