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Blast off! on January 19th

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Allison Maslan, author of "Blast Off!". All opinions are 100% mine.

As a former librarian and a book lover, my goal to persuade and inform individuals onto reading books -- good books is verbatim. Since I quit working to become a full-time housewife/mother, reading becomes an infrequent activity for me. So to say, I barely can go to the library to read mainly because of my lil one. I can not stay long on my computer either to read e-books with my eye condition.

Being a full time mom does not stop me from my mission-vision. I still do some advocates online relating to books and reading. It is so fulfilling in my part to be doing the things that I find so relevant to change a person to be a better member of the society. Now I am so thrilled to be given a chance to recommend the book Blast Off! by Allison Maslan, a renowned author, entrepreneur and life coach. Blast Off! is such a great reading material for someone who see…


If you are a constant visitor here, you've probably noticed the changes I made. Got bored with the old look. Yep, just done tweaking on my blog. I was fortunate enough to be able to find this amazing template in just less than 5 minutes. Thanks to the creator for sharing it for free. Just imagine how much it would cost me if I ask someone to customize a template for this blog.

I am happy with the new look. I might hold on this for a period of time.

Abundance in my kitchen

During the times when its just me and the hubby, kitchen is the only area in the house that is least occupied. Now that I have a lil one who is growing so fast not to mention eating various foods, I really got to spend time in the kitchen once or twice a day baking or cooking her food. The lil one is one picky eater. She eats just anything but she dislikes eating the same food over and over again in a day.

Below are some of the lil one's favorites and mine, too. I took these pictures to post on Facebook and decided to share it here anyway.

home-made tocino

bistek (Filipino style beef steak)

beef afritada

puto (rice muffins)

marble chiffon cake

cheese bread


Non-surgical hair loss treatment

Herbal medicines have proven its healing power. It has been around for hundreds of years making the impossible to happen. Infamous and powerful individuals turn to herbal medicines to be cured or treated. Even an average individual like me trusts herbal medicines in some conditions.

Did you know that there is an herbal ingredient that could cure balding hair? Yep, the process is so safe and as I've mentioned above, it is natural. Great product for those who are suffering from hair loss condition. Here's what I wanna say. Give the product a try for at it at least three months. Within that span of time, notice the growth of your hair.

I am so tempted to purchase a Herbal-H hair growth spray. Not for myself but for the hubby who is so conscious of his balding hair. It makes him crazy sometimes that ends to wearing a hat even when he's in the house.

The fact that there is no surgery needed which makes is so inexpensive, hair loss treatment will definitely surpass the other meth…

Hubby is now a facebookter

Yep! Today the hubby asked me to create his FB account. I wonder what has gotten into his head why all of a sudden he wants to be IN. He is still a private person though. He did not want me to put his complete name and other info. Afraid that hackers would access his account. His security matter to him and I truly understand that. Thus, his account is viewable to select people - only his very close friends.

So what can I say? Welcome to Facebook, babe.

Biometrics done!

Another step down towards getting my 10-yr-Greencard.

Yesterday, the hubby and I with the lil one were at the USCIS New Orleans for my biometrics. The process did not take long and was a success. I wanted to ask the personnel if there is another interview for me or I would just receive the Greencard thru mail. Nonetheless, it doesn't really matter if there is a circumstance along the journey. I hope there would be no RFEs or request for more evidence. I have nothing to hide. Came here legally and will stay legally.

I am just glad that everything went well. Let's see what's gonna happen in the next days, weeks or months.