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Music Monday : Sing me your song again, Daddy

The song is composed and originally performed by the legendary artist, Jose Mari Chan.

Oh how I wish I was able to sing this sing on my wedding. In God's will, I wanna have a wedding in the Philippines witnessed by my family and friends. I've been planning a wedding in there (not too soon) and for sure, this song will be heard by guests performed live by yours truly.

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Looking at the sky on Friday : Shine, lil moon

Time for my one and only Friday meme. Here is my entry...

After the dark skies yesterday, the moon came out to somehow shed the world with light. The light giver was so tiny and almost vague in my eyes but not in the lense of my camera with a 20x optical zoom lol.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


I'm in the midst of altering some of the pages of this blog. I had to change template swiftly to avoid the loss of opportunity. The previous one won't allow me to show the required post labels. So here I am trying to put everything up.

Bare with me as I go through this minor alteration. In no less than 30 minutes all will be set up.

Thank you, MIL

I just wanna make a short post to thank a dear person.

Today I wanna thank the MIL for buying a lot of clothes for my 'lil girl. She is so thoughtful that everytime she goes shopping, there is always one for her granddaughter. Just like today, she went somewhere else. I got a call when she came home informing she got something for DD. Now I am going to her house to pick those stuff. More to fill the 'lil girl's closet.

Now she has a new favorite food

The 'lil girl is eating much nowadays. She loves bijon (my style) more than her biscuits. Her growing so fast excites me everyday. I can't wait to see her eating adult foods and not depending on milk anymore. It's gonna be few more years of waiting though. For now, I'll just enjoy what she is.

Music Monday : Don't cry, Joni

I heard this song back then but have forgotten the lyrics as time passed. The memory went back yesterday while having a karaoke time with my magic mic. The magic mic comes with over 2 thousand songs and Don't cry, Joni is one. I sang it a couple of times. Poor mic!!! If only that thing could talk, it could have fussed at me to stop repeating the song.

Hmn...humming to song while writing this post.

Don't cry, Joni by Conway Twitty Woman- Jimmy please say you'll wait for me I'll grow up someday you'll see Saving all my kisses just for you Signed with love forever true. Man - Joni was the girl who lived next door I've known her I guess ten years or more. Joni wrote me a note one day. And this is what she had to say. Woman-Jimmy please say you'll wait for me I'll grow up someday you'll see Saving all my kisses just for you Signed with love forever true. Man- Slowly I read her note once more Then I went over to the house next door Her tear-drops fe…

Three years ago...

a day after we first laid our eyes on each other fiance (now the hubby) and I met in person for the first time after months of talking over the net and phone. It's still fresh in my mind the anxiety I felt while waiting for him at the arrival area of NAIA. I couldn't explain my initial reaction when I saw him for the first time. He hugged me so gently and kissed my forehead. I was quivering the time when were in the taxi going to the hotel. My mind was filled with negative Q's. What if he's gonna kill me? What if he's untrue? What if, what if?

Three years after, here I am, still with the man I chose to be the love of my life. Both of us are fulfilling our promises to each other and gradually making our plans come true. Both of us are happy and contented with everything we have. Thankful for being so blessed.

Our family is completed upon the arrival of the 'lil girl. She is the best gift we have. DeeDee as we call her is growing so fast and is now 14 months.

Custom made hair bows for the 'lil girl

It's LSU football season and everybody is crazy with purple and gold colors. The 'lil girl has her cheerleader dresses already but she didn't have hair bows to complete the outfit then. Because of that I asked hubby to bring me to Walmart for ribbon shopping that I can create her hair bows. The supposedly purple and gold colored ribbons only ended up into three or four additional colors with added designs.

I was persuaded to customized the 'lil girl's hair bows than buying a finished one for uniqueness and to show her personality. The idea actually is a big savings in my part. Just imagine how much a bow costs in stores or boutiques, probably it ranges between $2 - $5 or more than that.

On top of that, the experience inspired me to create more not just for the 'lil girl but for other girls as well.

Looking at the sky on Friday : Orange

Time flies so quick. It's Friday again, a certain day to watch the sky and share it through photographs on Looking at the Sky on Friday meme.

Now I can say that this is the prettiest skies I've ever captured. The color is so different compared to my previous entries which were mostly dark. The weather was fairly good today, THanks God coz the hubby needs to cut the grass.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Dirty dancing icon passes away

The world knows that Patrick Wayne Swayze, a multi-talented actor passed away at the age of 57 on September 14, 2009 after a long battle of Stage IV pancreatic cancer . He was survived by his wife of over three decades, Lisa. He became a household name when he did the movie Dirty Dancing. From then on, his showbiz career blossomed and had starred in numbers of blockbuster movies.

I am a fan of this actor and his death saddens me. He may not be around anymore but his legacy lives on and forever. Now I am going to buy some DVD's that I don't have to complete my Patrick Swayze movie collection.

Goodbye, Patrick. May you have a peaceful journey towards eternal life.

Looking at the sky on Friday : atop the trees and Sept 11

Happy Friday, everyone. It's Septemer 11, a very memorable day in America. If you can recall, Al-Qaeda terrorists/hijackers crashed two aircraft into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. Eight years after the destruction, today, most of us are reminiscing and commemorating the tragedy that took the lives of the many innocent individuals -- 2,993 people to be exact and damaged billions worth of businesses and other properties. That day, America was covered with dark clouds.

The rain kept on pouring for the rest of the day today. It wasn't a strong one though, thanks God. There was no way I could get out of the house, so once again, I took a picture of my neighbors' roofs including the trees sshhhh (they don't know) while standing in the porch.

Bored, pissed and stuck

Now I know the importance of car in the US. It's been over two weeks since we haven't used the hubby's truck. We can't go for a ride because the plate number was turned in to DMV on the last day of the validity of the insurance to avoid excessive fines. Hence, we can not purchase a new insurance yet. THe only thing we need is the truck's title from CitiFinancial and everything will be settled.

A cashier's check was sent almost a month ago and til now, there is no progress at all. We've tried calling customer support and said she has no idea when. How long do we have to wait for it?

I am hoping we'll get it anyday now. It sucks to be stuck in the house. I wanna go to the mall lol for window shopping.

Strengthen FRIENDSHIP award

A good person named Imelda is the reason why I am receiving this award. Thank you so much friend. She awarded it in Sept. 3 and it's already the 11th of Sept today. It's very very late. I was offline for a couple of days and when I came back, bunch of online tasks were waiting for me. Now I am giving this thought a time.

Award above implies :

Green: symbolizes the new buddies
Yellow: represents the guys who are always active
Blue: symbolizes the bloggers with PR
Platform Red: symbolizes that we are all equal and that we are brothers and sisters

Prerequisite retrieval AWARD:

1. Create a post as above.
2. Include the link Giver Award.
3. For colleagues who have not followed this site or not exchange links, please follow or exchange links with me.
4. Copy-paste the image above or DOWNLOAD

How about pork inasal?

Midst August, I was with some Filipino friends partying. It was Joyce's birthday and she prepared bunch of Filipino foods on the table. One of the foods was pork and chicken inasal. Whew! It was my first taste of inasal here in the US. It was extremely good that it brought me to marinate and grill my own style of pork inasal.

At the party, I also met the rest of FIlipino workers around the parish. It was a great party, indeed!

20-hour-marinated pork on my Wolfgang Bistro grill/griddle. This tool is so easy to use and took only 10 minutes to cook.

The masterpiece.
So delicious! HUbby liked it it, too, to think that he is a picky eater.

The little monkey

It's been a while since I posted photos of the 'lil one. So here are some to entertain your eyes.

Blehhh the driveway is mine now (taken early in the morning for some sunlight).

At Home Depot while accompanying the hubby shopping for his tools. She is mocking her dada. See, she can fold her arms, too.

Walking away from the paparazzi.

Getting addicted to Facebook

True to what my friends are saying, Facebook is like a pill. It is now sinking in my head. So addicting waaaaaa...

I am still a newbie and still crawling on how Facebook works. I will be good in the next few days, that's a promise to my neighbors. And oh let me tell you that I just started the other day and I already have 41 neighbors. How great is that? I bonded with my long lost friends as well as with my new found friends yesterday and today. Next time again, folks.

So, do ya'll wanna be my nieghbors/friends? Please let me know and I would be more happy to add you. So long!

Mama Mary's birthday and Labor Day

Happy Birthday, Mama Mary! Thanks for giving your Son, Jesus to save our sins.

Mama Mary's birthday makes me want to be in the Philippines today. I just feel that it is better to celebrate it with my Catholic friends and family. My family here is ain't a church goer nor prays the Holy Rosary. THe hubby does not want to go to church with me either. This is the only thing that bothers me. I hope one day, the hubby, me and the 'lil one would go to church as one family, not just me and the 'lil girl.

Anyway, America is also celebrating Labor Day. Have a great holiday to all of you. Hope you enjoyed it!

Back @ 3

The 'lil girl is sleeping, the hubby is playing X-box and here I am updating my blog. It's good to be back, though.

Whew! Thanks God, everybody is well now after a few days of dealing with flu virus. Now I am back to perform my online tasks. I am done with my EC rounds. THanks by the way for those who continued dropping when I was off.

It's been raining here and the yard is starting to flood. Good thing we live in a subdivision with a very functional drainage system, if not, we will end up stepping on a watery and slippery driveway.

We can not go out either. We have turned the truck's licensed plate last Thursday to avoid fines. THe vehicle insurance expired in Sept 3. It wouldn't happen if the vehicle's title is in. We are still waiting for it to be sent by the bank. It's been three weeks since a cashier's check was sent to pay off all the remaining balance. I hope the title will be here anytime next week, that way we can start processing the liability i…