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Looking at the sky on Friday : Chenier

I almost forgot that it is already Friday. Whew! Time flies so quick. Next thing we know it's Christmas once again and I am looking forward for the incoming Holiday season.

I don't keep up with the dates sometimes. Just glad I did drop EC tonight or else I won't be able to participate in "looking at the sky on Friday meme" again.

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This is my entry for this Friday. I took this photo at around 7:30 this evening while standing by the front door. Aside from the sky, you are also seeing the neighbor's tree and roof (lol). No choice as I didn't go out for a ride today. Well, it came out pretty good though. The sky is pretty calm. Not so dark, not so bright. Enough sign that it ain't raining.

Heads or tails (the tuesday meme) : steam iron

It's Tuesday once again and it's time for Heads or Tails meme. This week's theme is STEAM.

I am hopeful that the 'lil girl will go to bed early tonight. Supposedly, I was going to steam iron our clothes last night but she slept so late at around 11:15 PM. Two loads of clothing are waiting for me in the laundry room. Just glad I have my steam iron. It does a great job -- fast and well-pressed.

I do iron the 'lil girl's clothes as well as mine and some of hubby's regularly.

Music Monday : Our town by James Taylor

The hubby was listening to this song yesterday. It has become one of his favorites since the movie "Cars". This is one of the soundtracks of the movie. Upon hearing the song, I then fell inlove with it, too, just like the hubby.

So here is James Taylor for Your Town...

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It was nice talking to Luzzy

Meet my bestfriends -- Roche, Victoria, Melinda (sitted) yours truly, Rachel and Luzzy. The photo was taken at Mitsubishi photo studio (2005).

Just ended my conversation with Luzzy. YOu know what, since she doesn't have an idea that I blog, I might as well tell you about a little secret of hers. It ain't that much of a big deal if she bumps into this post though.

Her name is actually Luzviminda. She hates her name and gets angry once teased. So instead of introducing herself as her real name, she says Luzzy.

There is nothing wrong with her name, if I were to ask. Luz means light and that is a good definition. For real, she is a light to her family and friends. Such a very kind, disciplined, caring and funny lady.

I met Luzzy through my friends in college. We didn't go to the same school but the bond was there. Every night after class, I and my other five friends namely Rachel, Melinda, Roche and Victoria were down the road just to meet Luzzy at her school's gate to hav…

Heads or tails : Pail or pale

Today's Head or tails theme is pale or pail . This reminds me of my childhood.

When I was a kid, I used to sing the Jack n Jill song which goes...
Jack n Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown...

You still remember that song?

Anyway, let's talk about "pale".

One of my classmates in grade school reached me out through Friendster. She added me as one of her friends. Now I have accessed to view her photos. She looks so pale on some of her photos. I dunno if she is sick and I hate to ask her about it. If she really is, I hope she'll get well.

Goodbye diaper rash

The 'lil one is saying goodbye to diaper rash. After trying several brand names, I am so glad that she is now comfortable and less cranky. It was just a little bitty red spots before but it gotten worse when I tried applying Desitin, Balmex and Aveeno on the affected area. Each medication were tried for at least three days and then followed by another when it didn't work.

The hubby and I had to go back to the store to give Bourdreoux butt paste a try. I am glad we picked it up because it really does the job. It is more expensive though. After four days of religious application, the 'lil one's diaper rash is gone. Every now and then, before changing diaper, I make sure to wash and dry the area and then apply a small amount of Bourdreoux butt paste before putting her diaper on.

Musical Monday : Beautiful days by Kyla

The first time I heard the voice of this young singer from my home country Philippines, I told myself that she is now my third favorite artist.

Kyla has the voice quality that everyone wants to keep on hearing. She is so different when compared to other artists. She is a shy-type and soft spoken person as what I see on TV.

Philippines R&B princess composed this song, Beautiful days, for her long-time boyfriend.

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The best thing about diet is ...

... having a free day....wohoo!!!

The hubby and I have been on diet for almost two months now. So far we only had a couple of free days. Free day means we can eat whatever we want in just a day. It should be the ones that we've been wanting to eat without minding the calories.

The hubby and I are teaming in this mission and goal. It was really hard on the first couple of weeks but we surpassed it. The fruit is now bearing. We've lost a lot of weight and we are on the target.

Sunday was our second free day. We had a movie blast. Of course, junk foods were part of it as well as fatty and somekind of unhealthy meal. At night, I fried a sliced of tuna, cOoked rice and prepared my radish salad (with onion, calamansi extract and salt). It was definitely a perfect meal. I've missed it a lot!

For now, I will just look at the pictures. I might have this kind of meal again on the next free day.

Still up at 1

The hubby phoned me hours ago. He was talking about the Filipinos he met on the road. These hardworking individuals were off the road to be home after work when all of a sudden a police officer pulled them over for driving slower than the minimum speed. It wouldn't be that worse if only the driver has a license. So instead of just letting them go, the police officer issued a ticket and would eventually tow the car if nobody's gonna get it (tHe person whose gonna drive it back home should have a driver's license).

So Clarissa, a Filipino friend of mine and amongst the Filipinos who came here to work (who was not in the car) phoned the hubby to inform him about the situation. Since the hubby was on the road, he was able to get there but was not able to save the driver from getting a ticket. The police officer could not void it as he was strictly told not to. THe only thing that hubby did was save my fellows car from being towed.

I was really saddened by the news. These …

Heads or tails : A newbie's note

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Did you know that this is my first entry for Heads or tails meme? Actually, I just started participating is other two memes. HEads or tails is the third meme that I have chosen to be part with.

Take NOTE that I am a newbie when it comes to meme especially the Heads and Tails. Please bear with me for this very first time.

I would love to leave a NOTE to the Head or Tails creator.

You have created a very wonderful meme. I am glad that I am participating.

Musical Monday : La La Lullaby

The 'lil girl is fond of music. She has a favorite song which is shown on Sprout at night. When the music starts playing, she sets aside whatever she is up to to watch TV. And when she is in a bad mood, this song stops volcanic eruption. All I see is a smiling face and a dancer.

So here's the song...

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Looking at the sky on Friday : Where's the sun?

This picture was taken while the hubby, the 'lil one and yours truly were on the road today, off to the Mall of Louisiana.

The sky is so gorgeous. The King Sun is hidden by thick clouds while the rays serve as its background light.

Thankful Thursday :God, family and friends

I am a newbie when it comes to blog meme. So here I am still awake at 1:52AM. I want to submit a post before I go to bed.

Since it's already Thursday, I have decided to join Thankful Thursday...for the first time.

I would like to thank God, first and foremost, for all the blessings He poured on me and to my whole family.

For the past years, my parents were struggling financially just to send their children to school. Now that most of us are settled, they are enjoying what they have. Thanks a lot Lord for giving them strength and courage all throughout these years. Thank you Mang and Dad for raising me and my siblings.

My greatest thanks goes to all my friends for bearing with when I am so busy with the 'lil one.

Thank you also to the creator of this wonderful meme.

Back to EC dropping

I was absent for the whole yesterday from my online duties. Early morning, the hubby, I and the 'lil girl were off the road to run some errands and visit the in-laws and folks. When we came back home, it was already dark.

My absence left me so much things to do particularly my EC rounds. I just finished EC dropping a couple of minutes ago. After this post, I will be modifying my previous posts before SS disapproves it for non-compliance. Also, I will create an entry for the only opp I have for today. Sounds less work, eh?

I have maybe two hours more to stay on my computer. The 'lil boss girl is taking a nap and hopefully she'll wake up late just like the other day.

It's confirmed

My friend Jackie was in a whirlwind situation when she was trying the pregnancy test for a couple of times. She was doubting. When she told me about the two lines, I then said "you are pregnant".

Yesterday, she had a check-up. True to what I have said, the doctor confirmed that she is pregnant. Her due date is in March next year.

Jackie is starting to feel the curse of pregnancy. She gets tired without working much. I hope she won't suffer what I had when I was bearing my daughter. That was terrible and horrible.

To Jackie and husband AJ, my biggest congratulations. In the next few months, your family will be completed...yay!

The next diva

Just sharing the many moods of the 'lil gurl.

The lil keyboardist. At the young age of one, she already knows how to operate her keyboard. She loves music and she sings, too.

How precious is that? She'd rather wear my sunglasses than hers. She is my 'lil superstar.

Meet the next dancing diva. She loves to dance with or without music. She faces the mirror, dishwasher and oven to see her gestures -- twisting hips with hand patterns, cry, smile and laugh.

Music Monday : My Valentine

The title itself is widely known. Yet the lyrics is so different. It ain't the music of Martina McBride or other internationally acclaimed artists. I am proud to say that this is Philippine's very own, Jamie Rivera.

THis song is perfect for those who are inlove -- getting married or married. I have this in my list of favorite songs since I met the hubby.

I searched Youtube to embed the music video here but there is none from Jamie Rivera.

My Valentine
by Jamie Rivera

Never thought I’d find my match
Never thought I would love this much
Cause you showed me true love and gave all you had
Were you sent by the Lord from above

I have always told you I love you
Must have said it a thousand times
But each time you reply tears fall from my eyes
I still can’t believe that you are mine

Cause you tell me you love me too
And I used to imagine hearing that from you
I never expected my wish to come true
For you to be mine and be my valentine

I must have done something good in the past
Because y…

Giving credits to my top ten July EC droppers

This is the first time that I am gi my top ten July droppers. Thank you for including my blog in your rounds regularly. My appreciation goes to those who EC dropped, too, but are not in the list.

Will continue to reciprocate your efforts. Have a great weekend everyone!

Family health avenue ---------- 31
Ungkutan -------------------- -31 ---------------31
Computer aid ------------------30
Mutual love ------------------- 30
60 were enough --------------- 29
Whatever comes to my mind -- 29
Moms lifestyle ---------------- 29
My meme mania -------------- 28
Anything goes with Pahn ------28