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Before the hiatus

This is probably  my last post for this month. I will be out of the country for two weeks and I doubt if I can give you updates. Anyhow, I still will reciprocate EC drops, not everyday, though.

These two comprise my own family here in America. I captioned this photo as "they make my workd go round" on Facebook. Thanks, by the way, to all who left fantastic comments.

On my first visit to my home country, Philippines, after three years of being apart, the two individuals that you are seeing on the photo are coming with me. The trip is also the 'lil one's first full taste of being a half-blooded Filipino as well as the lifestyle, itself, that she is barely experiencing here.  She'll be meeting her cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents and everybody who loves her mama, too.

I feel ecstatic now and I can not just mum about it   after overcoming my frustrations for the trip that I have accounted in my Excited no more post. The trip starts in two nights after tonight. I …

Hook in photo projects

Lately, I've been spending more time on my computer exploring Corel Media One/Photoimpact's photo projects. So far, I already have over ten projects done including photo scrapbooks of myself, the lil one and hubby as well as old family pictures. What a blessing, too, when I learned that Walgreens is offering a free 8x10 collage photo print. I took advantage of the offer saving me $4. Thanks to for the free stuff.

Before sharing my works, I wanna wish every mother around who takes care of their kids with no limitations a HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!

My very first output.
The lil one is wearing her dada's hat and won't take it off so, the dada didn't hold himself from not taking a picture of the lovely hat girl.

The three Daddy's girls. Lyn (left), Lulu yours truly (middle) and youngest Lot-lot (right). I miss my sisters so bad, our bonding and our craziness.
Visiting Philippines is one of the most anticipated period in my life after being away for three…