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Back from hiatuses with Christmas photos

I am back from hiatuses. OMG! been away for so long. Anyway, I will try to update this blog regularly..again! and I am starting tonight. So how did I celebrate my Christmas?

Not everyone knows that this is my third X'mas in the USA, third Xmas that I am away from my family and beloved Philippines. I had nothing special (food) on the table. I cooked rice muffins (puto) and bihon guisado for the lil one's supper. It was raining hard, thus, I heard no firecrackers at all. When 12AM hit, the lights in the entire subdivision were off excluding mine. I was wide awake chatting online to my sister in Canada and a friend who works in Korea.

On the 25th, everybody in the family -- hubby, the lil one and me woke up so early for a family time. THe hubby just came home from work. He sacrificed to be awake 24 hours just to celebrate the day. He baked cookies (his tradition) while coaching the lil in opening gifts. I was the photographer lol.

It was indeed a great day and here are …

Looking at the sky on Friday : After the rain

It had been raining for a week. Today, the sky halted from pouring tons of water. No rain, sky was bright with cool breeze. What great day!

The picture above was taken so late, around 6PM earlier. Thus, the sun's color popped out in contrast to black or dark night.

200+ Facebookters in my list and counting

Wow! I did not anticipate that I will have over 200 friends on Facebook in just a short amount of time. THanks lot friends for accepting me as your friend, too. I appreciate it.

Please take note that all of them are mainly my family/relatives , people I have dealt with back home and friends including cyber friends. For the coming new year, my goal is to continue meeting friends and mingling with them in the cyber world.

Goofy girl

My goofy girl is just getting so big. She talks a lot now, as in clear words. Every morning when we're at the kitchen preparing her breakfast, she'd ask me "go car?, Pawpaw?" and would hurry up to get her boots in the utility room. She meant to say she wanna go ride in the car to go see her grandparents. Pawpaw is grandpa by the way. And when she's dress up, sunglasses is never forgotten.

The picture above shows her passion for sunglasses. She is actually wearing mine when she couldn't find hers.

Our Holiday card

We just received the set of Holiday photo cards today. Tomorrow, we are sending these off. Family and friends will get one card each. Hope the receiver would like the thought. THis is our way of thanking everybody for the unconditional love and support all throughout the years.

Merry Christmas!

Midnight drama

Gosh! The lil one just went to bed and it's already midnight here. She actually was in bed at around 10PM when all of the sudden she woke up screaming. Seemed she was having a bad dream or might be her gums were bothering again. I consoled her and she calmed down. After a few minutes, she started screaming again while yawning. She so wanted to go right back to sleep but she couldn't.

After an over an hour battle, she finally able to put herself back to sleep. I put her again in her bed when she settled down. Did not react or cry either when I closed the door, leaving her alone in her bedroom.

So here I am, ranting again. Free from the tiny hands of the lil one. Nobody pulls me, pinches me and takes my PC away from me. It feels good to be in a quite room. This is the best time to update my blog and take care of my online tasks. I have done dropping EC by the way, submitted one paid post and still composing for the next.

Letting this entry off now. Have a good night everyone!

Wednesday musing

Most of my entries were posted when the 'lil one is taking a nap in the afternoon or asleep at night. I barely could spend time online when she is awake. Once I seated my butt on the computer, there she goes and wants to sit on my lap while she manipulates the keyboard and mouse. Most of the time, she just wanna watch her favorite videos on Youtube, other than that she just wants to mock what I am up to. It's annoying sometimes when she's on that mood especially when I have so much online tasks that are about to expire in an hour or two. The whole me is cut in between her and the assignments.

This afternoon, the lil one is still sleeping while updating this blog. She's been taking a nap since 2PM and it's already 4:49Pm here. So that means I've been freed from her messes and screams for nearly three hours now. I have cleaned the kitchen, cooked rice and still simmering nilagang baka. Have reciprocated dropping EC, submitted a few of my online tasks as well. At …

Music Monday : Caillou

Above is the intro music with video of one of the 'lil girl's favorite TV programs. I wonder what's on the show why she is just into it. Hmn.. I think it has something to do with storytelling...maybe. The lil one knows the air time, too. Oh boy, you should see how she reacts when its on. I couldn't let her do anything, she'll scream when she is bothered while watching.

Watch the video above and tell me what ya think why most kids love it.

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Getting ready to clean up typhoon Dannielle aftermath

Everyday, typhoon Dannielle signal no. 10 hits my house lol. Most stuff are cluttered in the kitchen, living area, foyer and two rooms -- her bedroom and office. The lil one has access to the areas I mentioned above but not in my bedroom where there are so much to break and guest bathroom. One time I forgot to close the guest bathroom door, when I came back, stuff toys and hair bows are enjoying while floating in the nasty water in the toilet bowl. It made me laugh but it is a lesson for me to be very careful and keep an extra eye to the 'lil one.

So tonight while she is sleeping, I am off to clean her mess. Couldn't use a vacuum, only my bestfriend, walis tambo (an asian floor sweeper). There are so many to pick up and bring to its proper places such as toys, kitchen utensils (I give it to her as toys when she's bored), pillows, books, paper and marker (she loves to write) and a whole lot more.

So long pals! I will be back when I can, maybe tomorrow or some other days.

New addition to the clan

Congratulations to my older brother and his wife for having a new bouncing baby boy. Welcoming Charvine Zach as a new addition to the clan. He was born last Friday thru CS.

Charvine Zach with his sweet Ate Louise. Both of you are adorable blessings from God. May you both grow up healthy, God-fearing and good kids. Do not follow your father's footsteps. Make everyone proud of you.

Alone and scared

The hubby's off work is always our family day. We make it a point to go out of the house and have fun for the little one. Since hubby is on shift, there are times when he's off on weekdays and sometimes on weekends.

One off day, we decided to hit the mall since we haven't been there for quite awhile. It was Thursday, expected that the mall ain't pact with shoppers. When we got there, we could only count the persons roaming around. So after having our lunch, the hubby and the 'lil one went for carousel ride. When it started moving, the lil one started screaming so loud, it echoed all over the mall lol. That was the first time that she rode alone (just with dada) and the first time she got so scared. Maybe it has something to do with not seeing any kids around lol. No more carousel ride (alone) for her. Indeed, it was fun to be out of the house as one family.

Premiumwhite pro is a huge scam!!!

I WAS SCAMMED BY PREMIUMWHITEPRO under ULTRAFRESHWEL! Beware online shoppers, never try the risk-free trial offer at or your money will turn to ash.

Two weeks ago, I hooked in to this deal I found on Facebook. Premiumwhite is having a risk- free trial offer and pay only the shipping and handling charge of $1.97. Risk-free, so be it. THe item did not arrive til today and the money was taken from my Paypal account.

$2 is not a big deal. I could earn that through blogging but $87 is a huge one. Sooo PISSED! Yesterday, I found out that PREMIUMWHITE PRO under ULTRAFRESHWEL charged me with that huge amount of money. What pissed me more is that I have to pay my bank an overdraft fee of $64 since I don't have enough funds to cover the $87.

It took me hours to find ways just to talk to any of these scammers. I called the toll-free number but it took me almost an hour on hold, I gave up. Went to the website and chatted to a disrespectful customer representative. She …

Upside down cake recipe : in response to requests

This recipe is in response to the requests I got from friends in the Blogosphere and FB. THe upside down cake photo is posted here. Please take note that my version had no cherries. Thank you for the requests and hope you'll enjoy it. I'll try to bake one tomorrow that I can post a new photo.

1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 cup cake flour (sifted)
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup whole milk
1 egg
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 can pineapple slices in syrup
cherries (I didn't use)

1. Drain can of pineapple, saving the syrup.
2. Place butter in 8" pan, melt in the oven while preheating to 375°F.
3. Sprinkle brown sugar over melted butter. Arrange whole pineapple slices and cherries (in centers of pineapple slices) over the brown sugar in pan.
4. In a bowl, mix cake flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, softened butter, milk, egg, vanilla and 2 tablespoons of the pineapple syrup.
5. Slowly pour batter into the pan.
6. Bake at 375°F for 30 to 3…

Facebook outage

It's been 46 minutes since I updated my FB status. Til now, there is no progress at all. The last update is 3 hours ago by Ruth. So this means that Facebook has been offline for quite a while. The website is working a bit but it doesn't show the updates of my friends. Hmn...BF is teasing me yah. Now that I have time for my online activities but it ain't letting me. Oh well , I might as well drop EC to make my stay a fruitful one. Haven't dropped yesterday, for sure this is a lot of cliks for me tonight.

Another fussy day

The 'lil was so fussy today. I just couldn't understand what she wanted. She started so fine in the morning til afternoon but when the sun started to hide, there she was and just unstoppable. She wanted to take a nap but she was fighting it and me. Poor mama, the 'lil girl was kicking and slapping her face.

She just went to bed just a couple of minutes ago. Actually, she fell asleep on the kitchen floor. She must be so tired and couldn't bear it anymore. When I checked on her, she was laying on the pillow she brought herself. I had to bring her to the bedroom, massage her head, back and tummy gently that she would feel calm and forget about her crying times.

Parenting is really a roller coaster rider. SOmetimes the kid is so great, sometimes not. I still have a long ride with the 'lil one, a never ending ride.

Where's the cherry?

You might wonder why there is no single cherry on this upside down cake. It's a little bit shame to say but I was out of cherry that time. I so wanted to eat this kind of cake but I couldn't wait for the hubby to come home to buy some cherries. At the latter, my first try of baking upside down was a success. Love the taste, not too sweet. The pineapple flavor blended so well with sugar caramel. Seems like I want more now! Late at night cravings lol.

Monday musing

What is good on MOnday? My teacher asked sarcastically back then when I greeted her. I just said nothing much! If she only have asked in a good mood, I could have replied, "you". It's good because I see you this fine Monday. Anyway, just remembered a piece of my high school memories.

The little girl is so good today. She woke early and took a nap with no hassles at all. No cries, screaming and fussiness. Now she is watching her favorite show on Sprout while I am updating this blog. It feels good when she is fine.

What a great Monday until I saw the hubby's trash on the kitchen top. He is good in ruining my day. He knows exactly that I don't want any mess in this house but still he keeps on forgetting and would just apologize when I am upset. Too many apologies and I am burned out with it. What is the meaning of the word sorry if he keeps on doing it? Though he is good in accepting his flaws and apologizes everytime he does something wrong, still it is useless a…

Crying toddler

While composing this entry, the 'lil one has just finished crying. She was fine when I put her to bed but cried when I left the room. I think she doesn't want to be alone. For the past few days, she changed a lot from being a good girl to a high-tempered toddler. She used to sleep early all by herself with no help from me and was so easy to handle with less tantrums, now she tends to be the boss wanting to do her will.

Though my conscience is suing me right now for letting her cry to sleep, she needs to be corrected and it is my responsibility to take her to the right path. I can not let everything that she wants to happen. As much as I want to spoil her, I can not give that much. I am just suppressing my feelings not to feel pity on her, yes, she is fine! is hard to be a parent. No more babies for me!

Forgetting the holiday

Since I become a stay-home mom, tracking the dates and holidays are so not likely part of my day. I just let it pass and then go on the next day. When it comes to holidays, forget it. Sometimes I remember, most of the times I don't. I depend mostly on my cellphone to update me during birthdays of my family.

Just like what happened today, I forgot that it's Veteran's day. What a big darn of me that I went out to the mailbox to check if there is/are mails for us. Nothing. So I asked the hubby why the mailman didn't pass yet and it's already 2PM. Mailman passes between 10AM to 12NN on regular or business days, by the way.

But hey, when it's payday, my mind is so wide open lol. GRocery shopping and going out somewhere inspire me to get ready. At last! I am out of the house, enjoying the road and other places. THe hubby is the driver since I don't have my DL yet. His off days are my off housechores, too.

BEfore I go to bed and forget again, I'd like to gree…

Her first trick or treat

THis year is so exciting for us. The 'lil one is growing so fast and having most of her firsts. So this year is her first trick or treat. She was the princess of the Carribean, wearing a pirate costume. We went hay riding with friends in the nearby subdivisions. It was so fun, indeed! The 'lil one was just so happy and was showing off a lot of her.

Smiling while saying "GO CAR". So eager to go out of the house and have fun.

With proud dada...

...and proud mama.

With the rest of the kids. GEtting ready for hay ride.

The first house where she got her candies.

The answer lies on

It is known to most of my readers that I grew up in the Philippines, spent twenty-five years of my life there. Almost three years ago, I moved to USA and the rest is history. In that length of time, I am not conformed suitably to the American lifestyle yet. Food, weather and television shows are amongst that I haven't embraced fully. Yes, there are hundreds of channels that my television has but none of those are the TV shows that I used to watch when I was still living in my homeland.

My current cable provider does not cater Filipino channels. THere is no way that I will be switching to another provider just to have the channels I want. It is not a good idea either knowing that Louisiana weather is so unpredictable with all the hurricanes and storms in most months, causing too much outage. One more thing is the note of over $100 a month. Tsk...I won't pay that much just for the cable. I'd rather wait for the uploaded videos on some networking sites online to watch so…

Music Monday : Obsessed

Today's music Monday entry is Mariah Carey's latest single "Obsessed". Mariah never fades. She is still the best artist for me. Everytime she releases a single or a video, there is always a spark that makes everybody obsessed about her. So who else is obsessed with Mariah?

Embedding is disabled on Youtube, so just have the lyrics below.

by MC

Why are you so obsessed with me?”

So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh

Will the real MC please,
Step into the mike?

So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh
So oh oh oh oh

All up in the blogs
Saying we met at the bar
When I don’t even know who you are
Saying we up in your house
Saying I’m up in your car
But you in LA and I’m out at Jermaine’s
I’m up in the A
You so so lame
And no one here even mentions your name
It must be the weed, It must be the E
Cause you be popping hood
You get it popping, Oh

Why you so obsessed with me (Boy I wanna know)
Lying that you’re sexing me (when everybody knows)

Had fun talking to sister

My sister, Lyn, lives in Canada with her family -- hubby and kids. Our busy schedules with kids defy us from chatting on YM at any time we want. But if we have the chance, oh boy! we are like crazy talking just anything our minds lead us to. We love talking about our childhood and the many open secrets of the family and the neighborhood.

Lyn is my younger sister. I am two years older than her. We both went to the same school -- elementary and high school. She transferred to Catholic school in college where I was enrolled in just to be around me. BOth have common friends, my friends are her friends, her friends are my friends. We shared secrets and other stuff but not clothes and shoes. She was size small or medium and I was x-small (when weren't mothers yet). We got married on the same year, 2007, mine took place in the US in July and her in the Philippines in October. According to the old belief, siblings shouldn't get married on the same year with different months to k…

The worst Chinese restaurant in Ascension

We had a free day from weight loss program today. The hubby and I decided to have lunch at any restaurant I want. Since we've tried some of the Chinese restaurants in the area like Dynasty, Grand Wall, King Buffet; we had no choice but to go for Golden Buddha Chinese Restaurant. Tell you that the food selection is few (might be less than 10) with a very narrow buffet table. Worst is the taste of foods. It didn't taste Chinese neither American. Just so gross that I did not eat much. I only had rice and sesame chicken. Didn't even try their veges floating in a light and nasty sauce. The hubby just had a plate of fried shrimp while the little had rice only. It seems to me that the cook is not Chinese or does not have the skill for Asian cuisine.

Money is not well spent in that restaurant. We didn't get the food satisfaction that we're hoping. I wonder why there were few guests in there! THe only PLUS that resto has is the friendly staff. Whew! If I were to rate th…

Music Monday : Bukas na lng kita mamahalin

Since nobody offered me a ride to a Halloween party yesterday, my magic mic lift me up to forget whatever it is that pissed me off. I sang tons of songs in front of my number one fan, the lil one. The disappointment vacate my heart so quickly when I started singing my all time Filipino songs.

Here is one of the many songs I had. It's by Asia's Nightingale, Lani Misalucha entitled BUkas na lng kita Mamahalin. A hit song in the 90's.

Bukas na lng kita Mamahalin Kay hirap palang umibig sa gitna ng panahon Kung bakit ngayon ko lang natagpuan ang isang katulad mo Sana noon pakita nakilala Sana noon pa lang na ang puso ay malaya pang magmahal Bukas nalang kita mamahalin Sabay sa paglaya ng ating mga puso Bukas na lang kita mamahalin Kay hirap pa lang umibig sa di tamang panohon Kung bakit ngayon ko lang natagpuan ang isang katulad mo Sana noon pakita nakilala Sana noon pa lang na ang puso ay malaya pang magmahal Bukas nalang kita mamahalin Sabay sa paglaya ng ating mga pu…

Caught in the act!

Hummingbird is one of the smallest birds in the world. According to wiki, They can hover in mid-air by rapidly flapping their wings 12-90 times per second (depending on the species).

MIL has a couple of hummingbird feeders. Everyday, her porch is guested by various species of birds, amongst is hummingbird. So far, I have seen two of them -- a male and a female.

I love this picture. This is one of my many best shots. Glad I have a 20x optical zoom camera or I will never have this topic (Oh thank you to the hubby for such a wonderful gift on my birthday). Ain't this bird so cute? I just love looking at them when they fly close to MIL's porch. It makes me want to gently pinch their beaks like a cutie baby.

Shocking Pinay scandal?

Lately that I knew that a Filipina I met on a forum two years ago and is a fellow blogger did something morally offensive. I checked her blogs today but all were deleted. She is inactive in the forum as well for quite a long time now. It is hard to believe that she has the heart to fool her husband especially her adorable toddler. This woman is obviously not in her mind.

On the forum, her husband shared his love and devotion to his wife and the issue in between. Most of the members in the forum are on his side. He seems to be a good person, a good father and is a good husband. Devastation came into him when he found out that his trusted wife is cheating on him. The evidence is clear on his wife's transcripts of conversation with her alleged man talking about love, sex, kisses, relationship and future meetings.

I really thought that she is a good person. How could she engaged herself to this nasty affair with a Filipino man she met online and will meet him personally in Manila…

Becoming a good girl

For sometime now, the 'lil one needs not to be rocked anymore. She sleeps on her own. As you see on the photo, she is sleeping on the play mat. She got so quiet this morning that freaked me out thinking something had happened to her only to find out that she is napping. This happens rarely so it deserves to be captured (glad the camera flash didn't wake her up). The weather is so great and so I also took a nap with her lol.

Oh I love this feeling that I am spared from rocking and holding her for hours just for her to fall asleep. My 'lil girl is becoming a big and good girl.

Looking at the sky on Friday : LA State capitol

It's late at night Friday meme...

This photo was taken few weeks ago on my way to Brec's Zoo with the hubby and the 'lil one. The State Capitol building is standing high, higher than most of the buildings in the area. At a very far distance, I was able to capture the proud capitol with thick clouds atop.

Cold weather + sleeping baby(early) = happy mommy!!

Since the weather started to get colder, the 'lil one changed her sleeping pattern. For two nights in a row, she is in bed so early and not later that 11PM. At around 9PM, she is already sleepy and wants to be in her crib. If asks if she wanna go night night, she nods her head and smile which obviously mean she's ready. Unlike before that she'll cry herself to death and puke if I put her in the crib if she dislikes it.

In the morning, she wakes up late too. Her 6AM wake up time is changed to 9AM. What a miracle! That's more time for me to stay in bed. I just hope that she'll stay this way for a couple of months. It's really gonna help me a lot in some ways.

As early as 10PM tonight, I was able to do most of my online tasks. Done dropping EC. checked e-mails and submitted my job assignments. The only thing left is to talk to the sister for just an hour or so and that's it, I can say that my night is over.

Blog has tantrums

This blog's sidebar does not appear on the sidebar itself, instead it appears on the bottom page. I dunno what's wrong, have tried fixing it and even changed templates yet it didn't do anything. Hopefully, this is will be ok by tomorrow.

The sidebar's widgets/info are found on the very bottom of this page including my entrecard widget.

UPDATE : Finally I am able to find the template with a working sidebar.

Poor toy!!!

Just a couple of days ago, we had a strong wind here. I dunno exactly how strong but it's one of the strongest winds I had in my entire life next to HUrricane Gustav. Most of our unsupported and light stuff at the backyard were blown away by the wind, just like the 'lil one's toy.

This toy was at the backyard before the strong wind. The next thing I know, it was flying towards the front yard.

The toy landed so close to the neighbor's yard and the road. If I didn't get it and placed in a sturdy area, it could have damaged others' properties such as cars and window panes and left me with a burden.

Just so fortunate that I opened the blinds that the 'lil one could see the rain, if not, I wouldn't be able to see this. I am happy that nobody is hurt, yet saddened for the 'lil one as her toy is broke.

Lesson learned : Be aware and prepare for the weather!!!

Glimpses of zoo trip

As promised, here are some photos of our second trip to the zoo.

At the back is a huge globe rotating on a water fountain. It's located at the entrance of the zoo. Such a warm welcome!!!

What a structure!! I am so amazed on how it is being built. I forgot the specie of the goats that inhabit the man-made hill(?) though.

The elephant zoo. THese two Asian elephants from Thailand are in their mid 30's and 40's. Trained to entertain guests.

See how the three giraffes lined-up at the back?

At the zoo's playground.

Music Monday : Kokomo

The 'lil girl has a temper. When she's having a bad day, guess what makes her smile and dance? It's just the video or music Kokomo by the Muppets. So easy to make her calm down sometimes and thank you for the music for that.

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To the zoo...

I will be away for the whole day tomorrow. THe hubby, I and the lil one are leaving early to the zoo as it's around 40 minutes drive (including traffic) from here. It's the lil girl's second visit and I'm sure she'd love it more than the first visit. The zoo was under renovation that time and most of the animals were kept from the public. Hopefully, the renovation is over now.

This is going to be exciting!!! Whew! Can't wait!!! I'll post pictures on the next day.

Though I will be back late, I will still reciprocate your EC drops. It's already 11:46PM here, not too late but I have to go early. Still have to prepare our stuff for tomorrow.

Goodnight everyone!!!

Thursday morning nothings

It's 6 minutes to 1AM. So what's keeping me up this late? There were so much in my head that bug me. One is the video I saw three days ago. That was the most horrible scene I saw in my entire life. Pardon me for I am not going to expound it here. I just want to forget everything about it.

So finally, I am done with my job assignments for today. Oh Thank you Lord for the blessings. I had to hold back my online tasks to prioritize the 'lil one and my household chores. There is no way I could do it if the 'lil one is awake. For the longest hour tonight, I just sat in the couch watching TV as demanded by the 'lil boss while she was in her room playing with toys and watching Sprout. Tell you that she kept on checking on me ya and pulled me back in the living area when I sat on my computer. She is funny yet demanding lol. I think she wants me to give my whole attention to her and computer and household chores are excluded.

Tomorrow I still have a lot of cleaning to do. B…

Music Monday : Sing me your song again, Daddy

The song is composed and originally performed by the legendary artist, Jose Mari Chan.

Oh how I wish I was able to sing this sing on my wedding. In God's will, I wanna have a wedding in the Philippines witnessed by my family and friends. I've been planning a wedding in there (not too soon) and for sure, this song will be heard by guests performed live by yours truly.

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Looking at the sky on Friday : Shine, lil moon

Time for my one and only Friday meme. Here is my entry...

After the dark skies yesterday, the moon came out to somehow shed the world with light. The light giver was so tiny and almost vague in my eyes but not in the lense of my camera with a 20x optical zoom lol.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


I'm in the midst of altering some of the pages of this blog. I had to change template swiftly to avoid the loss of opportunity. The previous one won't allow me to show the required post labels. So here I am trying to put everything up.

Bare with me as I go through this minor alteration. In no less than 30 minutes all will be set up.

Thank you, MIL

I just wanna make a short post to thank a dear person.

Today I wanna thank the MIL for buying a lot of clothes for my 'lil girl. She is so thoughtful that everytime she goes shopping, there is always one for her granddaughter. Just like today, she went somewhere else. I got a call when she came home informing she got something for DD. Now I am going to her house to pick those stuff. More to fill the 'lil girl's closet.

Now she has a new favorite food

The 'lil girl is eating much nowadays. She loves bijon (my style) more than her biscuits. Her growing so fast excites me everyday. I can't wait to see her eating adult foods and not depending on milk anymore. It's gonna be few more years of waiting though. For now, I'll just enjoy what she is.

Music Monday : Don't cry, Joni

I heard this song back then but have forgotten the lyrics as time passed. The memory went back yesterday while having a karaoke time with my magic mic. The magic mic comes with over 2 thousand songs and Don't cry, Joni is one. I sang it a couple of times. Poor mic!!! If only that thing could talk, it could have fussed at me to stop repeating the song.

Hmn...humming to song while writing this post.

Don't cry, Joni by Conway Twitty Woman- Jimmy please say you'll wait for me I'll grow up someday you'll see Saving all my kisses just for you Signed with love forever true. Man - Joni was the girl who lived next door I've known her I guess ten years or more. Joni wrote me a note one day. And this is what she had to say. Woman-Jimmy please say you'll wait for me I'll grow up someday you'll see Saving all my kisses just for you Signed with love forever true. Man- Slowly I read her note once more Then I went over to the house next door Her tear-drops fe…

Three years ago...

a day after we first laid our eyes on each other fiance (now the hubby) and I met in person for the first time after months of talking over the net and phone. It's still fresh in my mind the anxiety I felt while waiting for him at the arrival area of NAIA. I couldn't explain my initial reaction when I saw him for the first time. He hugged me so gently and kissed my forehead. I was quivering the time when were in the taxi going to the hotel. My mind was filled with negative Q's. What if he's gonna kill me? What if he's untrue? What if, what if?

Three years after, here I am, still with the man I chose to be the love of my life. Both of us are fulfilling our promises to each other and gradually making our plans come true. Both of us are happy and contented with everything we have. Thankful for being so blessed.

Our family is completed upon the arrival of the 'lil girl. She is the best gift we have. DeeDee as we call her is growing so fast and is now 14 months.

Custom made hair bows for the 'lil girl

It's LSU football season and everybody is crazy with purple and gold colors. The 'lil girl has her cheerleader dresses already but she didn't have hair bows to complete the outfit then. Because of that I asked hubby to bring me to Walmart for ribbon shopping that I can create her hair bows. The supposedly purple and gold colored ribbons only ended up into three or four additional colors with added designs.

I was persuaded to customized the 'lil girl's hair bows than buying a finished one for uniqueness and to show her personality. The idea actually is a big savings in my part. Just imagine how much a bow costs in stores or boutiques, probably it ranges between $2 - $5 or more than that.

On top of that, the experience inspired me to create more not just for the 'lil girl but for other girls as well.

Looking at the sky on Friday : Orange

Time flies so quick. It's Friday again, a certain day to watch the sky and share it through photographs on Looking at the Sky on Friday meme.

Now I can say that this is the prettiest skies I've ever captured. The color is so different compared to my previous entries which were mostly dark. The weather was fairly good today, THanks God coz the hubby needs to cut the grass.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Dirty dancing icon passes away

The world knows that Patrick Wayne Swayze, a multi-talented actor passed away at the age of 57 on September 14, 2009 after a long battle of Stage IV pancreatic cancer . He was survived by his wife of over three decades, Lisa. He became a household name when he did the movie Dirty Dancing. From then on, his showbiz career blossomed and had starred in numbers of blockbuster movies.

I am a fan of this actor and his death saddens me. He may not be around anymore but his legacy lives on and forever. Now I am going to buy some DVD's that I don't have to complete my Patrick Swayze movie collection.

Goodbye, Patrick. May you have a peaceful journey towards eternal life.

Looking at the sky on Friday : atop the trees and Sept 11

Happy Friday, everyone. It's Septemer 11, a very memorable day in America. If you can recall, Al-Qaeda terrorists/hijackers crashed two aircraft into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. Eight years after the destruction, today, most of us are reminiscing and commemorating the tragedy that took the lives of the many innocent individuals -- 2,993 people to be exact and damaged billions worth of businesses and other properties. That day, America was covered with dark clouds.

The rain kept on pouring for the rest of the day today. It wasn't a strong one though, thanks God. There was no way I could get out of the house, so once again, I took a picture of my neighbors' roofs including the trees sshhhh (they don't know) while standing in the porch.

Bored, pissed and stuck

Now I know the importance of car in the US. It's been over two weeks since we haven't used the hubby's truck. We can't go for a ride because the plate number was turned in to DMV on the last day of the validity of the insurance to avoid excessive fines. Hence, we can not purchase a new insurance yet. THe only thing we need is the truck's title from CitiFinancial and everything will be settled.

A cashier's check was sent almost a month ago and til now, there is no progress at all. We've tried calling customer support and said she has no idea when. How long do we have to wait for it?

I am hoping we'll get it anyday now. It sucks to be stuck in the house. I wanna go to the mall lol for window shopping.

Strengthen FRIENDSHIP award

A good person named Imelda is the reason why I am receiving this award. Thank you so much friend. She awarded it in Sept. 3 and it's already the 11th of Sept today. It's very very late. I was offline for a couple of days and when I came back, bunch of online tasks were waiting for me. Now I am giving this thought a time.

Award above implies :

Green: symbolizes the new buddies
Yellow: represents the guys who are always active
Blue: symbolizes the bloggers with PR
Platform Red: symbolizes that we are all equal and that we are brothers and sisters

Prerequisite retrieval AWARD:

1. Create a post as above.
2. Include the link Giver Award.
3. For colleagues who have not followed this site or not exchange links, please follow or exchange links with me.
4. Copy-paste the image above or DOWNLOAD

How about pork inasal?

Midst August, I was with some Filipino friends partying. It was Joyce's birthday and she prepared bunch of Filipino foods on the table. One of the foods was pork and chicken inasal. Whew! It was my first taste of inasal here in the US. It was extremely good that it brought me to marinate and grill my own style of pork inasal.

At the party, I also met the rest of FIlipino workers around the parish. It was a great party, indeed!

20-hour-marinated pork on my Wolfgang Bistro grill/griddle. This tool is so easy to use and took only 10 minutes to cook.

The masterpiece.
So delicious! HUbby liked it it, too, to think that he is a picky eater.