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Get me some Boy Bawang

While watching TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras, my fingers are busy picking bits of corn snack. I am pretty sure I'm gonna finish the whole pack before the end of the show.

Boy Bawang garlic flavor is my favorite. It keeps my mouth busy and I enjoy every crunch of it. The taste of garlic is superb.

Anyway, I am enjoying watching these kids on stage. They are just so cutie and alive. Hmn...I am thinking of my Dannielle. Hope she'll be interested in joining pageants.

Poor child

One of the few shots of a calm Dannielle.

I was in the kitchen that day and when I checked on her, there she was sleeping in her walker. She looked so cute so I decided to take pictures.

Friendster imitating Facebook?

While checking my Friendster account today, I have read some bulletins from my friends pertaining to Friendster as a mimicker. SOme members even requested to bring back the old Friendster.

I don't have a Facebook account so I dunno exactly why they are saying those crap. On the other hand, I am also against the changes on friendster. It's topsy-turvy which makes me not to check it sometimes.

"I hope they'll bring back the old Friendstar", just a request from an active member.

My mommy is a librarian

I was updating my other blog and saw the adsense links relating to "librarians and library". So I clicked one of the links and led me to an e-store selling printed shirts and other stuff. One shirt really caught my attention coz it says "my mommy is a librarian". Now I am very tempted to purchase one. It's very expensive for the a little piece of clothing, though. Price ranges from $14.99 - 17.99.

Alright, I have an idea now. I'll just tell hubby about it and who knows he'll get one for Dannielle. I will just incorporate that I am missing my job to persuade him. Nice idea, eh? Well, let's find out if it's gonna work.

Black sheep

My family back home (Philippines) has a bundle of imperfections. One is the misunderstandings between six siblings.

I am the third child and the eldest daughter. Submissive to be the eldest to fill and exemplify what an older sibling should do which my brothers have not.

There are so many instances in our lives that ended into curses and make up. What are brothers and sisters are for? We often say that. So many experiences of hunger and longing which some of us have conquered.

For every family, they say a black sheep does exists. And I believe in such. We have three. Two of my brothers have chaos lives. They both are into different vices and women. Both have loved kids whom I am very pity of. Regardless of that, still they are both lucky for the Philippine Airforce accepted them.

The last black sheep is the youngest. She is a she. She used to be my baby and digested every misdemean she have. I ate all the shame when I was still working in a private school where she was enrolled at. N…

Sunday night with QVC

Tonight I am alone. The two persons who I am always with are both enjoying their beds. Good thing I am enjoying watching QVC's 20th kitchen anniversary. I purchased one steamer for only $16 with free shipping. I've been eyeing it to be on clearance but seem it's taking so long. It's a great deal so I just grabbed it. I need it though to make "puto".

Hubby has a very early call time tomorrow and he hadn't enough sleep last night. What did he do? If you ask. Well, he was with his friends online in a knife collectors' forum.

My Dannielle I think is now asleep. I can not hear her talking nor playing with her toys. It's already 8PM here and 6-7PM is her bedtime.

Actually, I was about to go to bed, too. It's just that I have to post one more coz SS just informed me that I have one opportunity reservation which will expire in the next 12 hours. So I might just do it than wait, forget and regret.

Good night everyone!

Getting busy

At last, I am busy blogging tonight. I have three jobs to post from SS. I am happy and inspired because the offers are high. Not cents nor less that 10 bucks. Isn't it great?

Thank you for making me earn again.

Thanks God for the blessings.

I'll go ahead now and do the job.


They're now in Canada

For almost two years of living half world, at last my niece and my sister are in Canada now. They arrived March 1 while snowing.

Francheska is a year old. A very pretty baby like her tita(me lol). Now she and her mama or shall I say the family is enjoying and filling the missing times apart.

So far, they are doing great. Wish you luck!

A lil shopping for her

Dannielle is getting bigger and bigger. She is only 8 months old but she wears a size 18-2T. Too big for her age.

Her clothes snug on her which she doesn't like. She also has a lot of unused stuff which I had to put in boxes as it occupied space in her closet.

So today, I shopped for her to update her wardrobe. I purchased sizes 2T and up and that she can make used of it.

I am glad that has a lot to choose from on it's clearance and sale items. Plus, I have a 30% coupon which made it so affordable.

How about a smile?

She is my only child, Dannielle. She smiles everytime we say "smile". She can also nod and shake her head if we say yes and no. Certainly, she is easy to teach and she learned a lot, too at a very young age.

Though she's teething and hurtin', she still smiles and laughs. Moves everywhere in the house. Grabs just anything as well.

Her gestures make our lives complete. A true joy and our everything. oh, just can't see my life without her.

Paid blogging ain't great as it was before

Oh man, I used to enjoy this crap then. It was like a full-time job for me. I earn while staying home until this certain advertising network (which I believed to be the number 1 back then) changed it's system. Advertisers offer such as $.50 or $1.00 are way too unpalatable and bloggers have to create a never ending post. It's hard to accept the demands or requirements.

That, is not sinking in my mind yet and here comes a new one. I am not going to say which or any company name. I presume most bloggers know about this. This advertising network I am referring to starts to be like the one I mentioned a while back. So much do's and don'ts are making me torn between two roads. The flexible policy have vanished in a simple sense.

I have nowhere to run to. So for now, I will stick my butt to blogging as my only resource. Hence, no more sitting on my computer for most of the hours. I'll get whatever is available everytime I get online. There is no sense to do so coz it'…