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Monday, December 28, 2009

Back from hiatuses with Christmas photos

I am back from hiatuses. OMG! been away for so long. Anyway, I will try to update this blog regularly..again! and I am starting tonight. So how did I celebrate my Christmas?

Not everyone knows that this is my third X'mas in the USA, third Xmas that I am away from my family and beloved Philippines. I had nothing special (food) on the table. I cooked rice muffins (puto) and bihon guisado for the lil one's supper. It was raining hard, thus, I heard no firecrackers at all. When 12AM hit, the lights in the entire subdivision were off excluding mine. I was wide awake chatting online to my sister in Canada and a friend who works in Korea.

On the 25th, everybody in the family -- hubby, the lil one and me woke up so early for a family time. THe hubby just came home from work. He sacrificed to be awake 24 hours just to celebrate the day. He baked cookies (his tradition) while coaching the lil in opening gifts. I was the photographer lol.

It was indeed a great day and here are some of Christmas 2009 photos.

One of the gifts that she received.

Fussy lil one but the mama ignored the tantrums just to take pictures lol.

Went to the park on the night of Christmas to see some outdoor decors.

Dada and the 'lil one

Friday, December 18, 2009

Looking at the sky on Friday : After the rain


It had been raining for a week. Today, the sky halted from pouring tons of water. No rain, sky was bright with cool breeze. What great day!

The picture above was taken so late, around 6PM earlier. Thus, the sun's color popped out in contrast to black or dark night.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

200+ Facebookters in my list and counting

Wow! I did not anticipate that I will have over 200 friends on Facebook in just a short amount of time. THanks lot friends for accepting me as your friend, too. I appreciate it.

Please take note that all of them are mainly my family/relatives , people I have dealt with back home and friends including cyber friends. For the coming new year, my goal is to continue meeting friends and mingling with them in the cyber world.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Goofy girl

My goofy girl is just getting so big. She talks a lot now, as in clear words. Every morning when we're at the kitchen preparing her breakfast, she'd ask me "go car?, Pawpaw?" and would hurry up to get her boots in the utility room. She meant to say she wanna go ride in the car to go see her grandparents. Pawpaw is grandpa by the way. And when she's dress up, sunglasses is never forgotten.

The picture above shows her passion for sunglasses. She is actually wearing mine when she couldn't find hers.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Holiday card

We just received the set of Holiday photo cards today. Tomorrow, we are sending these off. Family and friends will get one card each. Hope the receiver would like the thought. THis is our way of thanking everybody for the unconditional love and support all throughout the years.

Merry Christmas!

Midnight drama

Gosh! The lil one just went to bed and it's already midnight here. She actually was in bed at around 10PM when all of the sudden she woke up screaming. Seemed she was having a bad dream or might be her gums were bothering again. I consoled her and she calmed down. After a few minutes, she started screaming again while yawning. She so wanted to go right back to sleep but she couldn't.

After an over an hour battle, she finally able to put herself back to sleep. I put her again in her bed when she settled down. Did not react or cry either when I closed the door, leaving her alone in her bedroom.

So here I am, ranting again. Free from the tiny hands of the lil one. Nobody pulls me, pinches me and takes my PC away from me. It feels good to be in a quite room. This is the best time to update my blog and take care of my online tasks. I have done dropping EC by the way, submitted one paid post and still composing for the next.

Letting this entry off now. Have a good night everyone!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wednesday musing

Most of my entries were posted when the 'lil one is taking a nap in the afternoon or asleep at night. I barely could spend time online when she is awake. Once I seated my butt on the computer, there she goes and wants to sit on my lap while she manipulates the keyboard and mouse. Most of the time, she just wanna watch her favorite videos on Youtube, other than that she just wants to mock what I am up to. It's annoying sometimes when she's on that mood especially when I have so much online tasks that are about to expire in an hour or two. The whole me is cut in between her and the assignments.

This afternoon, the lil one is still sleeping while updating this blog. She's been taking a nap since 2PM and it's already 4:49Pm here. So that means I've been freed from her messes and screams for nearly three hours now. I have cleaned the kitchen, cooked rice and still simmering nilagang baka. Have reciprocated dropping EC, submitted a few of my online tasks as well. At 5PM, I will be waking her up that she won't stay up til midnight tonight or it would be a burden again on my shoulder.

Oh I would love to tell you that it didn't rain today. Hence, while looking at the sky, I saw thick clouds and seem it's going to rain again tonight. I don't mind at all as I am not going anywhere tonight or tomorrow. I hope it'll be fine the next day after tomorrow as I wanna go somewhere else. The hubby is off on that day so I have a driver with me lol.

Alright, enough for today, I have to check on my nilagang baka and wakie-wakie the lil one afterwards.

Have a good evening everyone!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Music Monday : Caillou

Above is the intro music with video of one of the 'lil girl's favorite TV programs. I wonder what's on the show why she is just into it. Hmn.. I think it has something to do with storytelling...maybe. The lil one knows the air time, too. Oh boy, you should see how she reacts when its on. I couldn't let her do anything, she'll scream when she is bothered while watching.

Watch the video above and tell me what ya think why most kids love it.

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Getting ready to clean up typhoon Dannielle aftermath

Everyday, typhoon Dannielle signal no. 10 hits my house lol. Most stuff are cluttered in the kitchen, living area, foyer and two rooms -- her bedroom and office. The lil one has access to the areas I mentioned above but not in my bedroom where there are so much to break and guest bathroom. One time I forgot to close the guest bathroom door, when I came back, stuff toys and hair bows are enjoying while floating in the nasty water in the toilet bowl. It made me laugh but it is a lesson for me to be very careful and keep an extra eye to the 'lil one.

So tonight while she is sleeping, I am off to clean her mess. Couldn't use a vacuum, only my bestfriend, walis tambo (an asian floor sweeper). There are so many to pick up and bring to its proper places such as toys, kitchen utensils (I give it to her as toys when she's bored), pillows, books, paper and marker (she loves to write) and a whole lot more.

So long pals! I will be back when I can, maybe tomorrow or some other days.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New addition to the clan

Congratulations to my older brother and his wife for having a new bouncing baby boy. Welcoming Charvine Zach as a new addition to the clan. He was born last Friday thru CS.

Charvine Zach with his sweet Ate Louise. Both of you are adorable blessings from God. May you both grow up healthy, God-fearing and good kids. Do not follow your father's footsteps. Make everyone proud of you.

Alone and scared

The hubby's off work is always our family day. We make it a point to go out of the house and have fun for the little one. Since hubby is on shift, there are times when he's off on weekdays and sometimes on weekends.

One off day, we decided to hit the mall since we haven't been there for quite awhile. It was Thursday, expected that the mall ain't pact with shoppers. When we got there, we could only count the persons roaming around. So after having our lunch, the hubby and the 'lil one went for carousel ride. When it started moving, the lil one started screaming so loud, it echoed all over the mall lol. That was the first time that she rode alone (just with dada) and the first time she got so scared. Maybe it has something to do with not seeing any kids around lol. No more carousel ride (alone) for her. Indeed, it was fun to be out of the house as one family.


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