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Now it's alive

Couldn't help but laugh when I read Recel's comment on this blog which goes "kamingaw sa payag oi" or lonely house ( referring to my blog if I understood it right). And yes Recel is right! My blog is not updated. It has been awhile since my last post and I am trying to give everyone an info of the cause. Thanks dear for giving me a reason to do my job. Catch Recel on My written xPressions to discover her thoughts.

Oh Cel, the status of my blog's rank on SS is not progressing, still not ranked. Not hoping for the best from them anymore. I'll try to keep the alexa rank higher, then submit to peyYou.

I was so busy lately. The wedding invitation for my brother's wedding occupied most of my time after watching the 61 episodes of Queen SeanDeok on Youtube. Thanks God that I am almost done with it. When the accent ribbons arrive in mail anytime this week, I can start the final step. Afterwhich, job is done and I can send it off to the couple in the Philippine…

Little Imelda

Eight various pairs of footwear with brands like Old Navy, Gap, Champion, Children's Place, Roxy, Carter's, Healthtex and Faded Glory. She wears size 5.Old shoes and sizes other than size 5 are not included in the photo.

At 19 months, my 'lil one has a collection....footwear! She loves shoes and chooses which one she wants to wear everytime she goes out of the house. Sometimes, she wears a pair while watching TV lol. Good thing I keep her shoes in the utility room, or else, she would be wearing one everyday. I have this rule to keep shoes off the house. Just following what the book has said that it is recommended for babies to walk barefooted on the floor to develop confidence. One more thing is that I dislike stepping on a dirty floor. Justified!

Her dada said that she is onelucky kid for having tons of footwear at an early age. He didn't have that much when he was a kid and so do I that is why I am also collecting shoes lol.

My lil Imelda Marcos! I wonder what she b…

She is something!

My adorable toddler is already 19 months old. Everyday, she grows and grows and learns a lot of tricks. She definitely can utter a three-word-sentence,too, mind you a clear sentence. Just like this morning, she asked and answered her own question with an American accent, too, "what's that? towl?". Referring to her towel that I just hanged before she bathes. One time hubby was cooking dinner. She went straight to him and said, "Dada cook, hot". Meaning, her daddy is cooking and it's hot. Clear as a blue. I was stunned and amazed of what she said that day.

There are several times, or shall I say every single hour of the day when she does something crazy and tricky. I am lucky if I catch those moments using camera or camcorder. Sometimes, things happen so quick and end unrecorded.

One morning, I checked on what she's up to while I was busy cleaning the kitchen. I had to compel myself not to laugh when I saw her sitting in the couch, wearing sunglasses …