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Judy Ann and Ryan finally traded 'I dos'

Celebrity couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo mummed about the details of their wedding. The only words they said was the wedding is going to happen in early May with families and close friends as witnesses.

After a year of engagement, the couple finally tied knot yesterday (tuesday) morning in a Catholic Church in San Juan Batangas where Ryan's parents also exchanged I dos years ago.

The wedding was really made solemn. I remember Judy Ann once said that she wanted that phase of her life to be private.


Annabel Rama vs. Wilma Galvante

These two personalities are visible on television especially these times. Both have big mouths and uneducated people. Yes, I said so.

Galvante is one of GMA-7s VP and conspicuously she'd been to a higher level of education with a degree. For some reasons, she hop herself on Rama's drama and is fighting against her with no diplomacy. This for sure is a shame to the network.

Rama, in the other hand, is all for money. One time she said to an interview that she was no longer making money (her commission as a manager) as Ruffa was in Istanbul for years. THis woman can not just shut her mouth nor talk tactfully. She is making no sense in the industry. A low grade individual. No wonder she was just a sexy star before. I wonder how her family have put up with her for a long time.

Both of you are mess! Both are money hungry! Both wants to be the talk of the town! Both of you are old! So better stop this childish act!

It's my mother's birthday!

She is 53 years old today!

Wish you...

...all the best!
...more years to come!
...good Health!

She is used to have a huge celebration every year but this year is not.

Her birthday is incomplete as 4 of her children are not around. My brothers are in the military. My sister is in Canada. I am in USA.

We'll be there on your next birthday (puhon)!

Reminder : bloglist clean-up

I have decided to clean or update my bloglist.

Some of the links are missing or can't be accessed anymore. Others did not link me back and I have their links here. It is just so unfair on my part.

In ten days, the deletion or update will begin. I will leave a message on your blogs before exercising it though.


Welcome to the Christian world, my girl!

After battling with Dannielle for more than two hours in the church, at last the christening was a success.

She was talking a lot til the end of the Holy Mass. I was just glad we were in the cry room.

Christening ceremony came next. That was a real disaster. Dannielle's voice was too loud that everybody looked at her. I had to take her at the back coz it was disturbing everyone. She also cried at the top of her voice when the priest held her, too.

Nevertheless, it was a relief for me. I have been wanting this baptism and have waited for too long.

One more thing, Dannielle received a lot of compliments for being so pretty. I do agree (wink).

Note: I will be posting some pictures on my next stop.

So how's the Magalonas?

It's good to hear that the Magalona family is doing great after what they have went through.

Arkin Magalona, son of the late Francis "Kiko" Magalona also known as Philippines "Master Rapper" is the newest endorser of I/M apparel.

Maxene is visible on television as well. She's back in the afternoon tv series "Ganti".

Saab is also in the showbiz industry but have not seen her appear on TV yet.

These are the few updates I have read and heard on GMAnews.

First tag of the year

Thank you Mommy Joy for this tag.

It's been quite awhile since the last time I played this kind of game. Now that I am active in blogging again, I think it would be great to join and pass it on.


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Blogger Friendship award

THanks a lot Mommy Jerl.

Have received a lot of tags or awards for this year alone. Hence, I did not give an effort to do it.

So now I have decided. Time to spread the game.

Forwarding this award to my friends namely Lerlyn, Jackie and Gladys. It's your turn guys!

The rules are so easy:
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Earrings and ear piercing

Today, Dannielle's first pair of gold earrings came in the mail. She didn't have her ears pierced yet and she already have this stuff. I want her ears pierced but her dada is just too afraid for her daughter. He wants Dannielle to decide if she wants to. He don't want to see her daughter cry in pain nor more than that.

At the time she will learn how to decide to have her ears pierced, she will have more earrings coz I will keep on buying. Hmn... I'm thinking I might just use it 'til that time.

Christ has risen!

Happy Easter everyone!

Holy Week is the most important celebration in the Philippines and perhaps in other nations as well. In between these days, I used to go to the church for religious activities participation and liturgies. Holy Friday is the most quiet one. My parents handed their over hundred year old beliefs to me and to my siblings such as : (a.) bath early in the morning and not after 3 in the afternoon (b.) behave and mourn til Saturday for Jesus is dead.

Easter Sunday starts with an early religious activity which usually happens at 4AM such as : (a) dramatization of Jesus meeting Mary while the Angels are singing (b) Holy Mass (c) Easter egg hunting for children.

Sunday is the end of penitent for most Catholics.

Since I got here (USA), I haven't tried to observed the Holy Week for some reasons. Everything is just so unusual from what I have accustomed to.

Sudden change

The change of time is I guess the reason why my daughter changed her sleeping pattern. She used to sleep at 5 or 6 in the evening and wake at 6AM. Now she hardly takes a nap on daytime, sleeps late at night and is awake so early in the morning.

This is really causing my frustration. I do a lot during the day such cleaning the house. Above all, watching her explore wears me out completely.

Update : Inappropriate Photos on Friendster

A day after I posted about the Inappropriate photos on Friendster, I am happy to say that such member is suspended from the network. It came out that a concerned member reported this kind of improper behavior.

She received a lot of negative comments. Members cursed her for disrespecting the network, herself as well as her family. This person is psychotic ya.

I'd like to say "Good work, Friendster Admin!".

She can do a lot now

Dannielle turned 9 months old last Sunday. She definitely is growing and developing normally.

Here are some of the developments :
Stand while holding on to something Drop object and then looks for themPull up to standing position from sitting Clap and bang objects together Combine syllables into word like sounds Separation and stranger anxiety begunUse thumb and finger pincer grasp to pick things up Walk holding onto furniture Understand the word no (but usually doesn’t obey it) Begin to identify self in a mirror Say mama and dada to the right parents Play patty cake Say one word other than mama or dada

Above all of that, she is just funny with temper.

Inappropriate photos on Friendster

Let me go straight to the point. Friendster have done so many revisions on the site.

So last night before setting my computer to sleep, I checked my account for messages and comments as well as the latest about my friends. Oh, a friend of mine received a comment from her friend(who is not in my list). The most striking part was that this "someone's" primary photo is very inappropriate. She uploaded her nude photos and can be viewed publicly.

Ok, I know it's not my prerogative or it's not my business to intrude. Hence, she is a Filipina and it's affecting everybody's name. Remember that one dictionary defined "filipina" as a prostitute. Wearing two-piece swimsuit is fine but wearing nothing is definitely not.

Totoy Bato

I've been watching GMA-7's Totoy Bato since the first day it was aired on TV. The story depicts the remarkable life of a boxing champion named Totoy Bato. The love towards his family and community is being tested by fate and time.

Totoy Bato characterized by no less that the "bad boy" himself, Robin Padilla. A man born with super strength and a man of principles.

Ana played by Regine Velasquez is TOtoy's childhood friend who left for Manila to for her mother's ambitious life.

I am crazy about this TV series. Watch it yourself to find out why.

Thanks anyway to for the videos.

She said...

...I am a shopaholic. Actually, just a little. I shop if I have spare or if I ask my financier.

So what made my sister think that I am a shopaholic? THe other day, we were talking online and she asked what I am up to. I told her just browsing which I normally do if Dannielle is asleep.

Well, I do really shop or purchase if I see some great deals and if I have available coupons. It's so hard to resist or let go the opportunities or great deals.

Baptismal preparation

In line with Dannielle's christening, we had to attend an hour seminar at the nearby Catholic church.

Our plan was to let my mother-in-law babysit Dannielle but it didn't happen. Before the seminar started, she cried and screamed at the top of her voice and everybody in the room heard her while they (grandma and Dannielle) were walking to the hallway out from the building.

So I had to take and calm her down. I know her so well and nobody can stop her except me.

Instead of leaving her with her granny, I just brought her in the seminar room while listening to the deacon. Multi-tasking in a simple sense.

At the end, we were all complaining at each other. Hubby is mad with his mother and kept on complaining against my religion (he's a protestant). I am upset because of that.