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Ranks, money, trip and more

Been waiting for SS to update my ranks for quite a while now. I already sent a ticket few weeks ago. Customer love said it's gonna take a week for my account to be updated. So alright, it's been almost three weeks and still have the same status -- NOT RANKED! I wonder what's with SS lately why it's taking a century to respond?

I am just in a hurry to earn. THe more money I make, the more amount to spend in the Philippines. The trip is forthcoming. Two more months and I'm in the plane with hubby and the 'lil lady. Hubby doesn't have that huge budget for the trip. Just imagine how much it cost if three people are traveling. Well I guess it's better to say two adults with a 19 mos. old infant. To sum the tickets plus taxes, hubby paid around $2600. Too bad coz after a week, I saw a cheaper price online. He could have saved $300 if he waited. On the contrary, purchasing tickets online can't be pushed through. Hubby's bank has a limit of $1500 onl…

Yes, we have it!

Countdown begins! Our plane tickets to the Philippines were purchased today. A lot of barriers came upon us from getting it. We could have had it last week if only the bank allows over $1500 purchase online. THe whole family got sick and hubby had to work for the whole week.

So yesterday, hubby went to see a travel agent. Today, we went to her office and settled everything. And yes, we have it! Tickets are in! Better that we used a travel agent, tickets were $200 cheaper than the one's we saw online. God is good!

Getting closer to our travel date makes me miss everything in the Philippines. I can not understand the feeling. I never been this excited for a long time. I guess it has something do with seeing my beloved family and friends. Three years, too long, haven't seen them for that length of time. Soon, I will be able to embrace them fully. Spend time with them while I'm there. It's gonna be so fun! Can't wait!

For now, I'll keep my countdown.

Steps ahead to PI vacation

Yesterday, we went to see the hubby's CPA to file our ITR. We can't wait to get our tax refund which will probably be in our hands in two weeks time. Fortunately, we are getting a larger amount of money that will support our trip to the Philippines.

Last night I prepared the documents for the lil one's passport application. So today we are heading to the Clerk's court to get a certified copy of her birth certificate. Afterwhich, we'll be submitting the application to the passport agency through post office. According to the timeline, passport book will come in mail in 4-6 weeks. I am crossing my fingers on that.

My 10-yr-greencard application is still on the process. Hopefully it would come in before May. THough there is no problem when my 2-yr-greencard expires in February. I still can use it for one more year provided that I have the extension letter from the USCIS.

I am hopeful for a smooth process. Visiting Philippines is what I am up to since 2007. It's gonn…