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It's not right!

If one of your friends is hurting, what would you feel? Of course, it's a normal reaction to hate the cause, right?

Today, we talked about her dilemma together with one common close friend thru YM. Her stories broke my heart. I hate to think about her husband's gestures towards her. For all he (husband) know, he can never find someone like my friend. A very responsible, kind, friendly and all person.

It's alright my friend. We are just here for all your sentiments and our houses are open in case you wanna move out.

A friendship candle

I was tagged by Lisa. Thanks a lot dear. What a coincidence! I was just thinking of my friends and here I got this tag. You read my mind right.

Please don't break this even if you only send it to one person. Thanks...

This candle was lit on October 29, 2008.

1. Richelle 2. Lisa 3. Lira 4. YOU'RE NEXT

Someone who loves you has
helped keep it alive by sending it to you.

Don't let The Candle of Love, Hope
and Friendship die! Pass It On To All

Of Your Friends and Everyone You Love!
May God richly bless you as you keep this candle burning.
A friend of mine passed this to me and now I am passing it also to all my blogging
friends and I hope it comes back someday again.
Please keep this candle alive

Don't walk in front of…

Not feeling good

Good evening folks!

How was your day?

Mine wasn't great. I had sleepless nights which makes me so tired and so sleepy. The problem is everytime I go to bed for a nap or sleep, my eyes are closed and yet my mind is roaming.

I dunno what's happening. I will try to take Caltrate tomorrow and hopefully it'll work.

Filipina sexy actress gave birth

This actress was one of the casts of GMA-7s comedy show before. When I left my home country, I never read any articles about her nor seen her on TV shows. She just vanished until a news came out that she got pregnant and had given birth. She did not mention much about the father of her love child. Still it's a mystery.

Alicia Mayer gave birth to a healthy young boy last September 29, 2008 at the Medical City. Alicia and her non-showbiz boyfriend named the baby Caliph Elijah.


Good Morning!

It's the first day of the week. How was your weekend? Mine did not turn out well. I had so much stuff to do. Redecorating our living area is one. I am through repainting the walls and had hanged some of the frames. There is one more to hang though.

For now I am taking a break from it. My account is getting low and I need to work to earn again. Dannielle is calling me right now. I think she wants me to put her to sleep. Oh well, since she's not crying yet, I guess I will have to continue pressing my F5 key.

By the way, I got some opps this morning. Still waiting for one more to complete the slot for this blog.

Child pornography

Internet is being used to for child pornography here in the US and throughout the world.

This is very alarming and a shame to Filipino community. Our fellow Michael D. Macalindong was sentenced Tuesday (October 21) to 35 years in prison after being found guilty of federal child pornography and child enticement. He is 25-year-old with a great job as a mortgage broker and a confessed "closeted gay".

I believe this man is intellectual enough. But using internet specifically Facebook for his malicious acts is stupidity.

Read below for details.

Pretending to be a girl, Macalindong told the boy that for him to have sex with her, he had to first have sex with her male friend and have it taped so she could watch. Macalindong was also the male friend in the ruse.

Macalindong videotaped the first encounter at his apartment in May 2006 and had at least two more meetings with the boy.

When the minor refused to meet again in January, Macalindong threatened to post the videos on the I…

17 kids and counting

It's a reality show on TV. The family is composed of 20 people -- 17 children with parents plus there is one more -- mom is preggy. A family that keeps on counting. They are not the typical American family. Parents raised their children the conservative way. The mom and the girls (children) wear long dresses with long sleeves. Their hair are not hippy styled. In short, they need Stacey and Clinton's make-over.

Just watch this show on TLC and I am sure you will enjoy it.

Eating dried fish

I am having a great meal for lunch -- fried dried fish with rice. Talking about yummy? I can not express how I love it. It tastes so good and makes me want to go and get for one more plate.

Our house smells nasty but I don't care. I am much as happy as a bird.

Hello blogosphere!

Just stopped by today. Been so busy with my precious lil girl.

I'd like to thank ya'll for dropping by. I'll be paying your effort tonight, I promise. Time is all mine later after my hubby gets off from work.

So see ya'll.

Had our day-off today

The family -- Dada, Mama and Baby Dannielle went shopping today. We bought some stuff for the house. Actually, most of it are for Dannielle. Bought her bags of diaper, medicine and baby food.

By the way, my precious girl had her first cereal today. I was expecting she would eject it but not. She liked it and wanted more.

I'll go finish this entry now and get back to work.

Featured photo : 3 months b-day celebration

My little sweetpie turned 3 months last September 5th. Cake will always be present every 5th of the month. Her dada was complaining then but I still insisted. A piece of cake won't cost us a fortune and I don't see any reasons why we can not do it.

Our celebration by the way was a day late. We couldn't celebrate it on the exact date coz her dada had to work the whole day.

So the day after, we went to the mall and had some fun.

Recommended amount of VIT D for young

This is very important for newborns, infants, children and adolescence. So moms please take note.

The amount of VIT D given to our children must be doubled. This is according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). All children should receive 400 IU a day of vitamin D beginning in the first few days of life to prevent Rickets and Vitamin D deficient in infants, children, and adolescents.

If you can recall, the previous recommendation which was issued in 2003 was only 200 IU per day beginning in the first two months of life.

"We are doubling the recommended amount of vitamin D children need each day because evidence has shown this could have life-long health benefits," said Frank Greer, MD, FAAP, chair of the AAP Committee on Nutrition and co-author of the report. “Supplementation is important because most children will not get enough vitamin D through diet alone.”

The new recommendations include:
Breastfed and partially breastfed infants should be supplemented with 400 IU …

Mom went shopping

This is my gift for myself for completing the opps for this blog.

Bought this babydoll boho peasant blouse for $1.75. It was on bidding and I was lucky I got it. Shipping fee is $4.99. It's so cheap, eh?

By the way, I don't bid if there are lots of bidders. That's one of my techniques in shopping online. It's one way of getting a very low price for an item.

Vermicelli with shrimp

We call it sotanghon guisado, one of my favorites again.

I was so hungry one night and craving for the shrimps my in-law brought me. So I cooked this dish. As you see, there is no greens in my dish. I had green beans then but I was just so lazy to prepare it.

But hey, I made it so tasteful. With just carrots, ground pepper, onions, garlic, red bell pepper and soy sauce along with vermicelli and shrimps, it satisfied my taste bud and my hunger.

Filipina actress reveals

This revelation is one of the exclusive stories of Showbiz Central.

Angelika dela Cruz, one of Philippines' fine actresses is three months pregnant. She married Orion Casareo , her long time non-showbiz boyfriend and fiance for 9 months on August 19 2007.

Angelika is one of my favorite actresses. I began to like her when she was like 14 years old. Her cute dimples and fair skin was among her assets by then. She became hotter when she reached her pick years in showbizness showing her multi-talents -- acting, singing and dancing.

What I like about her more is that she keeps her private life her own.

Congratulations gurl!

One of my favorites

When I was in High School, a vendor used to sell this kind of dish -- ground pork with potatoes, green beans and red bell pepper. She cooked it so great that it became my favorite every lunchbreak.

At the university, I didn't find this kind of dish. So I started experimenting. I wasn't able to get the taste I had back then but my version taste good according to my family.

Such menu is brought here in the United States. I am just glad that I was able to get all the needed ingredients.

It's yummy, guys!

47PhP for a dollar

The value of US dollar versus Philippine peso is still stable. It's 47 pesos for a dollar. If the rate would go up more, it will be more advantage for Filipinos working or residing abroad. This means, we are just going to send the same amount in dollar or less and our families will receive more.

Call me whatever you want, but I want to speak here. I am happy that we are having an economic crisis here in the US. It affects monetary aspect or the value of peso (low).

Be dropping later

It's been a while since I haven't drop ECs. I was a lil busy with my baby.

Sorry guys for not paying your effort on those days. I promise to drop tonight.

Thanks for dropping by the way.

Have a great night everyone!

Dannielle is 3 months old today!

Happy three months b-day to my precious lil girl, Dannielle. It's her bday but then she was so cranky tonight. She was crying and screaming. I figured out she had a tummy ache.

After hours of dealing the issue, finally she was able to put herself to sleep. I am thankful as well coz it bothers and hurt me if she's not comfortable.

Matilda : one of the hottest topics today

Matilda is the love child of the late Heath Ledger. She is one of the most searched in most search engines.

The tragedy (Heath Ledger's death) brought this two-year old girl to become a star in web searches. Searchers opt to know more about her.

When Heath died, he didn't have the chance to revise his will which was written long before Matilda was born. His fortune is named under his family in Australia.

How about Matilda? She is getting everything. Heath's parents announced that they are going to gift their son's estate to the girl.

Let's talk about colic

Dannielle was a colicky baby. She was a handful when she then. Now, I am glad that she is starting to straight up. She sleeps good at night. Before, I was like in a stage playe -- singing, dancing and all the movements (safe) just for her to calm down.

But what really is colic? By the way, I just heard of this term here. Here are some facts about it.

Colicky babies have a healthy sucking reflex and a good appetite and are otherwise healthy and growing well.Colicky babies like to be cuddled and handled. Colicky babies may spit up from time to time, but if your baby is actually vomiting and/or losing weight, call the doctor. Vomiting repeatedly is not a sign of colic.Colicky babies typically have normal stools. If your baby has diarrhea or blood in the stool, call your doctor.Cause

Experts have not proven it's cause yet.

Walk with your baby or sit in a rocking chair, trying various positions.Try burping your baby more often during feedings.Place your baby across your lap …

What to do with earwax

What's the best thing to do with earwax?

It is not advisable to remove it actually. It's best if you just leave it alone. Just clean the outer part of your ear.

According to Dr. Peter Roland, an ear specialist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, if the ears are functioning, and there is no problem, most people should do nothing. And that includes resisting the urge to use a cotton-tipped swab to clean out the ear. The use of swab can actually drive excess wax in further which at the later part results to medical attention just for it to be removed.

Go away germs!

Germs are everywhere. As parents, we are most likely to be very protective to our children. We don't want them to be exposed to germs. But hey, we have to let them sometimes so that their immune system for the development of their immune system

We are afraid that our children will get sick because of contamination of illnesses from the environment. The best thing we have to do is to wash their hands always and make it a habit. Everytime they play with or without playmates, there is a tendency and is very possible to happen that they pick up germs that causes respiratory infections and diarrhea. It happens when they put their fingers in their mouth, noise or even rub their eyes which have been touched on contaminated surfaces.

Just remember! Prevention is better than cure. Washing hand should be a habit.