Abundance in my kitchen

During the times when its just me and the hubby, kitchen is the only area in the house that is least occupied. Now that I have a lil one who is growing so fast not to mention eating various foods, I really got to spend time in the kitchen once or twice a day baking or cooking her food. The lil one is one picky eater. She eats just anything but she dislikes eating the same food over and over again in a day.

Below are some of the lil one's favorites and mine, too. I took these pictures to post on Facebook and decided to share it here anyway.

home-made tocino

bistek (Filipino style beef steak)

beef afritada

puto (rice muffins)

marble chiffon cake

cheese bread



Twerlyn said…
daghan kaau ka talent Lir oi!! by the way, i like your photographs ---mura jud ug professional photographer ka Lir.wow!
Gracey said…
yum! kagutom naman ang mga niluto mo sis. tagal ko ng di na-visit 'tong site mo ah. at ng mag visit ulit ako ayan, gutom ang inabot ko. ganda pa ng mga pics. beautifully and pthotographed talaga.
Ruthi said…
I am so hungry. Your photos make me drool. Thanks for sharing. Dropping EC here too.

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