Before the hiatus

This is probably  my last post for this month. I will be out of the country for two weeks and I doubt if I can give you updates. Anyhow, I still will reciprocate EC drops, not everyday, though.

These two comprise my own family here in America. I captioned this photo as "they make my workd go round" on Facebook. Thanks, by the way, to all who left fantastic comments.

On my first visit to my home country, Philippines, after three years of being apart, the two individuals that you are seeing on the photo are coming with me. The trip is also the 'lil one's first full taste of being a half-blooded Filipino as well as the lifestyle, itself, that she is barely experiencing here.  She'll be meeting her cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents and everybody who loves her mama, too.

I feel ecstatic now and I can not just mum about it   after overcoming my frustrations for the trip that I have accounted in my Excited no more post. The trip starts in two nights after tonight. I might not be able to sleep tonight or tomorrow or maybe next thinking about what is going to transpire. I do not give a damn care anymore about negative people who've been struggling to put my family down, instead, just enjoy the time with my immediate family -- parents and siblings -- as well as with friends -- old and new.

The needed stuff are already packed in the luggage, though, there is a possibility that I am rechecking it for the last time just to make sure that everything in the checklist is there. One  big luggage is packed with gifts for everyone that caused my low account :). The other two are occupied with our clothes, shoes, etc. Good luck to hubby for a heavy job awaits  him :D.

The hubby is actually nervous about the flight, not that he's afraid of flying because he used to skydive when he's still in the US Marines but because of the fact that the 'lil one is only twenty months old. Any parent can grasp what I am conveying here. My wish is for her tantrums to subside when a long plane ride starts.

It is already 10:23PMCT. Been composing this post for awhile with all the agitation of the 'lil one whose sitting on my lap.  

Before I end this post, I would like to extend my utmost appreciation to those who wished us a happy and safe trip. God Bless you all.


jellybelly said…
Welcome back to PI and I hope you and you're family have a blast in your 2 weeks here :)
borHave fun mama lira :) I-Hi na lang ko sa gensan :)
""rare*jonRez"" said…
Nag-enjoy na jud siguro ka diha sa Gensan karon Lir! I know God made you reached your destination safe and sound and now, I can only wish to see updates around here. Banat jud diha ug enjoy my friend!
""rare*jonRez"" said…
Waaaaah ingon ka gahapon mag-update na ka sa blogs! Asa man diha bi? Nyahahaha! Grabe movie marathon nimo diha no? :P Ka-poordoy ba sa show oi!

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