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Monday, February 23, 2009

The curse of paste shrimp

While enjoying pork with binagoongang baboy and rice for lunch, I also had to deal with the smell. I think that was the other day when I cooked such dish. Scented candle did not help much to deodorize the house. So I tried suppressing the odor by boiling water with vinegar. Few hours later, it was gone.

Opening the windows was not an option for me. Fresh air is surely the best deodorizer, I know. Hence, it was freezing that day. For security reasons, I normally don't do such if the hubby is at work. Though it's not of a big deal really coz he always stop by the house and check on us.

Lesson learned :

Never cook dried fish, paste shrimp and other Asian goodies in the house. Been there, done that twice and won't do it again.



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