Shop til we drop? naaaaaaaa

Hubby has always been so generous to me. Whatever I want he gives. His goodness is so priceless. That is why I never abuse him. Everytime I ask for a lil shopping, I make sure he has an extra amount or spare. I know bills are more important and our baby's needs than my addiction (clothes and shoes).

So, today we went to Tanger mall. I spent almost a hundred bucks for the three of us. Of course, Dannielle ate a larger fraction of the budget. I bought a pair of jeans and two tops from Charlotte Russe outlet. Levi's shirt and a pair of Adidas shoes for hubby. The little girl has 4 shirts and 2 leggings.

Everything I mentioned was on sale from 50-70%. It's great to shop when it's clearance sale, eh?.

Oh, such a great day.


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