Baptismal preparation

In line with Dannielle's christening, we had to attend an hour seminar at the nearby Catholic church.

Our plan was to let my mother-in-law babysit Dannielle but it didn't happen. Before the seminar started, she cried and screamed at the top of her voice and everybody in the room heard her while they (grandma and Dannielle) were walking to the hallway out from the building.

So I had to take and calm her down. I know her so well and nobody can stop her except me.

Instead of leaving her with her granny, I just brought her in the seminar room while listening to the deacon. Multi-tasking in a simple sense.

At the end, we were all complaining at each other. Hubby is mad with his mother and kept on complaining against my religion (he's a protestant). I am upset because of that.


wITChy Boop said…
hahahah...things like that o happens mare. it's okey. i could still imagine u pretty well while with ur hubby and ur daughter.

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