Christ has risen!

Happy Easter everyone!

Holy Week is the most important celebration in the Philippines and perhaps in other nations as well. In between these days, I used to go to the church for religious activities participation and liturgies. Holy Friday is the most quiet one. My parents handed their over hundred year old beliefs to me and to my siblings such as : (a.) bath early in the morning and not after 3 in the afternoon (b.) behave and mourn til Saturday for Jesus is dead.

Easter Sunday starts with an early religious activity which usually happens at 4AM such as : (a) dramatization of Jesus meeting Mary while the Angels are singing (b) Holy Mass (c) Easter egg hunting for children.

Sunday is the end of penitent for most Catholics.

Since I got here (USA), I haven't tried to observed the Holy Week for some reasons. Everything is just so unusual from what I have accustomed to.


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