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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prenatal Exposure To Drugs, Alcohol And Tobacco Affect infant's Brain to Early Adolescence

Til now, I can't seem to grasp why there are individuals who are nicotine dependents despite of the large campaign about it's effect to the human body and the environment. I know it's not my own business but as a human as well and a dweller of this planet, smokes does affect me and my baby.

See the difference between two fetus' brains.

Equivalent brain slices from two study subjects of the same sex and age. The image on the reader's left is from a subject who was exposed to alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine and marijuana during the prenatal period while the image on right is from a control subject who had none of these prenatal exposures. Note that the cortical gray matter appears thinner in the subject with pre-natal exposures than is found in the control subject (see black arrowheads). In addition, the subcortical gray matter appears fuller and more robust in the control subject (B., arrows) than in the subject with the four pre-natal exposures (A., arrows) (Credit: Image courtesy of Children's Hospital Boston)
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