Yes, we have it!

Countdown begins! Our plane tickets to the Philippines were purchased today. A lot of barriers came upon us from getting it. We could have had it last week if only the bank allows over $1500 purchase online. THe whole family got sick and hubby had to work for the whole week.

So yesterday, hubby went to see a travel agent. Today, we went to her office and settled everything. And yes, we have it! Tickets are in! Better that we used a travel agent, tickets were $200 cheaper than the one's we saw online. God is good!

Getting closer to our travel date makes me miss everything in the Philippines. I can not understand the feeling. I never been this excited for a long time. I guess it has something do with seeing my beloved family and friends. Three years, too long, haven't seen them for that length of time. Soon, I will be able to embrace them fully. Spend time with them while I'm there. It's gonna be so fun! Can't wait!

For now, I'll keep my countdown.


jenn_US said…
wooohooo! watch out Phils Lira is coming to town!! hehe! happy for u Lir! gimingaw noon ko sa pinas dah. enjoy didto sis.
Melanie said…
wow good for you ! i missed the food in Philippines ! tinolang native na manok !!!
""rare*jonRez"" said…
oh, so finally, the trip can be grasp real now given the tickets in hand! excitement here and there for sure!

ako kay bag-o pa man kauli so murag di pa ko maibog. hahaha!

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