Steps ahead to PI vacation

Yesterday, we went to see the hubby's CPA to file our ITR. We can't wait to get our tax refund which will probably be in our hands in two weeks time. Fortunately, we are getting a larger amount of money that will support our trip to the Philippines.

Last night I prepared the documents for the lil one's passport application. So today we are heading to the Clerk's court to get a certified copy of her birth certificate. Afterwhich, we'll be submitting the application to the passport agency through post office. According to the timeline, passport book will come in mail in 4-6 weeks. I am crossing my fingers on that.

My 10-yr-greencard application is still on the process. Hopefully it would come in before May. THough there is no problem when my 2-yr-greencard expires in February. I still can use it for one more year provided that I have the extension letter from the USCIS.

I am hopeful for a smooth process. Visiting Philippines is what I am up to since 2007. It's gonna be the lil one's first Philippine vacation. Our first trip as a family.


Gracey said…
Wow! have a safe trip to PI. Your lil one will sue enjoy the beach if you take her there :)
""rare*jonRez"" said…
paspas ra baya kaayo ang panahon. before u know it, u'll be flying home na! awww ka-sarap palandungon! lol

btw Lir, xlink ta sa xpressions blog naku bi. nag-usab kog URL kay wa na naku gi-renew man gud. add na taka didto. ang link kay

lamat daan ha!
imelda said…
wow have a nice trip back home sis.
jenn_US said…
excited for u lir. im sure it's going to be a fun vacation for ur family. take care!
*MrsMartinez* said…
Hey good luck on your application! Have a safe trip back xoxo
vicy said…
Wiw sis. Ka nice ninyo oi kay mag vacations sa Philippines. Regards nalng unya ko didto sa atoa sis ha.Dugay2x pa jud mi mouli. Ayo2x sis


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