Homesickness upshot

After a two-week vacation in the Philippines, homesickness ate me fully for over a week. I couldn't put an end to be manipulated by my own emotions. Hence, foods - Filipino fattening foods -- became my comfort zone. It so happen that payday hit the day I arrived here with hubby and the lil one. Hubby was worried about me and so asked me what I want and I gave him the answer...Filipino store.

And yes, Filipino foods comforted me so much. It helped me all throughout my convalescence process. I feel better. Now I am gonna make you drool as well by showing pictures of the foods that fattened yet helped me in other way.

Selecta Ice cream - Buko Salad. So creamy and yummy!

Some of my favorites.Want some dried mangoes or langka candies?

Tell me if I made you drool :)...


wow nice blog hope u would like to visit mine also
""rare*jonRez"" said…
Chippy lang akoa Lir! Naa pa koy dried mangoes diri ba, dala pa naku ni atong January, di mahurot kay di man ganahan akong mga sakop, gusto man fresh! lol. Di pud ko ganahan kay tam-isan ra kaayo ko. Basta Chippy akoa! hehehe...
Tammy said…
Yes. Where's my towel?

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