After a month... I am posting again.

Been back from the Philippines since the first week of the month and it's just tonight that I am giving my blog a lil time. I have few reasons why the hiatus took this long. Firstly, I had trouble finding myself because of homesickness. I didn't want my mind to be occupied too much by the memories I had with my family back home. Hence, internet was barely used during the process of  recuperation. Secondly,  I have been focusing my mind on practice driving on the main roads. Along with that is repainting the interior of the house with warm colors to achieve my goal of having a clean line designed house. Lastly, my brain suddenly became drained. I couldn't put the words together nor describe the things that transpired in the last couple of weeks and I know it was because of missing the people I left behind in my home country..

Time mends a crying heart. Now, I am feeling alright. I have overcome homesickness. Of course, I can not thank the husband enough for the support, for giving me everything he can just to make me happy. 

I ain't staying up longer. Hope ya'll have a great day. Good night.


""rare*jonRez"" said…
ahem! ka-update ra jud tawon! hahaha. welcome back is the shortest i can say! :D
mamalira said…
hahaha lamat, Cel. Gamaya sa update oi, ako ra dugangan puhon.
im going to PI on August. can't wait.

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