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We can not always get what we want.  Most of the time, something is lacking or missing that hinders us or halts us back to come up with a decision. But then, a compromise has to be chosen for the goodness of the others involved. Just like finding a place to settle down. We have our set of requirements on what we want for a house or apartment. Most likely, not  everything in the wishlist is featured in a single place, rather, one house has a certain feature that we liked most whilst the other don't have. So,  the place that carries the majority  wins. 

Now if I were to choose a place, I want it to be nearby my workplace and or closer to a school. My darling kid is gonna be in kindergarten come school year. It's her first time in school and I want to be as nearer as possible that I can just hop in my car straight to school in just click. I guess, I call myself a lucky one because I live close to both. My job is just less than five minutes away from where I live and the daughter's school is six minutes away. I can't be choosy with that.

I live in a house with my family but that is not a sure thing as the husband pays mortgage, so this house is owned by the bank. Just in case the husband gets fired at work, we'll definitely vacate this house and maybe live in a rental house or apartment. Beforehand, I did some searches and found a website that is very easy to navigate with all the information I needed. It features photos of the apartment. price range that varies from the size of the apartment as well as amenities, the kind of neighboorhood to deal with, reviews from residents and all. Yes, apartments.com gave me ideas about what to expect in an apartment. The best thing about apartment.com is that I can use my smartphone anytime and anywhere I need to because an app is available. 

So, if you are actually looking for an apartment, go to apartment.com or download the app on your smartphone. Start searching right away!

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Thank you so much for sharing your story. I also wanted a house that is close to my daughters school so that, it will be accessable for both of us. I really agree to what you have said that there are really times when we can't have what we really want. For example, in our situation now, we really wanted to have our own house but, we still can't afford it so that is why we just rent a space for us. Though not what we really want but, as of the moment we are happy with our apartment. :) - www.stonehavensouthapts.com

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