Baby with temper (lol)

I'm telling you guys that Dannielle is something. At an early age, she has a temper. She is so hard to calm down. Just like when she sneeze, you can hear an annoying noise from her. If she's hungry and she cries coz she is not given the attention right quick, oh boy! she'll throw her fit and won't drink her formula right quick.

Her actions make me smile and laugh sometimes though. She is just so cute to look at.


Twerlyn said…
baby in red! katangos sa ilong buyag!d man ka palahilak pagbuntis nimo sa iyaha lir ba..ngano kaha palahilak na ha..hhhmmm ma-ok ra gihapon na ang iyang tantrum kinadugayan or kinadalian..

drop ko dre ah

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