Why 'Mama' and 'Dada' are baby's first words

Have you noticed it? I even heard Dannielle saying like Dada. I can not wait til she can really utter the word mama. I am getting so excited!

But why does baby say the words mama and dada first? Let's read this article to find out why.

A baby's first words are often "mama" and "dada," much to the delight of parents. Now scientists think they know why.

Beyond the obvious — Mommy and Daddy are around a lot and babies are drawn to them — languages in many cultures have apparently made the task easy by creating words for mothers and fathers that feature patterns of repeating sounds, a new study suggests. Continuation here.


Jacqueline said…
I'm sure those words are musical! :-)
i personally love hearing her say mama and dada.however my baby's first word at 9 months were not mama and dada but baby!..
Mommie Van said…
great info lira! ikaw nasad sunod tawagon mama sa imo baby :)


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