Sunday night with QVC

Tonight I am alone. The two persons who I am always with are both enjoying their beds. Good thing I am enjoying watching QVC's 20th kitchen anniversary. I purchased one steamer for only $16 with free shipping. I've been eyeing it to be on clearance but seem it's taking so long. It's a great deal so I just grabbed it. I need it though to make "puto".

Hubby has a very early call time tomorrow and he hadn't enough sleep last night. What did he do? If you ask. Well, he was with his friends online in a knife collectors' forum.

My Dannielle I think is now asleep. I can not hear her talking nor playing with her toys. It's already 8PM here and 6-7PM is her bedtime.

Actually, I was about to go to bed, too. It's just that I have to post one more coz SS just informed me that I have one opportunity reservation which will expire in the next 12 hours. So I might just do it than wait, forget and regret.

Good night everyone!


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