Black sheep

My family back home (Philippines) has a bundle of imperfections. One is the misunderstandings between six siblings.

I am the third child and the eldest daughter. Submissive to be the eldest to fill and exemplify what an older sibling should do which my brothers have not.

There are so many instances in our lives that ended into curses and make up. What are brothers and sisters are for? We often say that. So many experiences of hunger and longing which some of us have conquered.

For every family, they say a black sheep does exists. And I believe in such. We have three. Two of my brothers have chaos lives. They both are into different vices and women. Both have loved kids whom I am very pity of. Regardless of that, still they are both lucky for the Philippine Airforce accepted them.

The last black sheep is the youngest. She is a she. She used to be my baby and digested every misdemean she have. I ate all the shame when I was still working in a private school where she was enrolled at. Now she's in college. Supposedly, she is graduating this year but she has too many "F" grades and have to retake each failed subjects/courses she had. I can't just think of a good reason why she is like this. Everything is handed to her from expensive clothes to money. So lucky for she has us(siblings) to support her.

I am very concerned with this young lady.


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