Paid blogging ain't great as it was before

Oh man, I used to enjoy this crap then. It was like a full-time job for me. I earn while staying home until this certain advertising network (which I believed to be the number 1 back then) changed it's system. Advertisers offer such as $.50 or $1.00 are way too unpalatable and bloggers have to create a never ending post. It's hard to accept the demands or requirements.

That, is not sinking in my mind yet and here comes a new one. I am not going to say which or any company name. I presume most bloggers know about this. This advertising network I am referring to starts to be like the one I mentioned a while back. So much do's and don'ts are making me torn between two roads. The flexible policy have vanished in a simple sense.

I have nowhere to run to. So for now, I will stick my butt to blogging as my only resource. Hence, no more sitting on my computer for most of the hours. I'll get whatever is available everytime I get online. There is no sense to do so coz it's just a waste of time knowing I'll get cents or less than 3 dollars in a day. On the other hand, I still able to get at least five job assignments per 2 weeks from the other affiliate. It's still good enough.


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