Annabel Rama vs. Wilma Galvante

These two personalities are visible on television especially these times. Both have big mouths and uneducated people. Yes, I said so.

Galvante is one of GMA-7s VP and conspicuously she'd been to a higher level of education with a degree. For some reasons, she hop herself on Rama's drama and is fighting against her with no diplomacy. This for sure is a shame to the network.

Rama, in the other hand, is all for money. One time she said to an interview that she was no longer making money (her commission as a manager) as Ruffa was in Istanbul for years. THis woman can not just shut her mouth nor talk tactfully. She is making no sense in the industry. A low grade individual. No wonder she was just a sexy star before. I wonder how her family have put up with her for a long time.

Both of you are mess! Both are money hungry! Both wants to be the talk of the town! Both of you are old! So better stop this childish act!


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