She is something!

My adorable toddler is already 19 months old. Everyday, she grows and grows and learns a lot of tricks. She definitely can utter a three-word-sentence,too, mind you a clear sentence. Just like this morning, she asked and answered her own question with an American accent, too, "what's that? towl?". Referring to her towel that I just hanged before she bathes. One time hubby was cooking dinner. She went straight to him and said, "Dada cook, hot". Meaning, her daddy is cooking and it's hot. Clear as a blue. I was stunned and amazed of what she said that day.

There are several times, or shall I say every single hour of the day when she does something crazy and tricky. I am lucky if I catch those moments using camera or camcorder. Sometimes, things happen so quick and end unrecorded.

One morning, I checked on what she's up to while I was busy cleaning the kitchen. I had to compel myself not to laugh when I saw her sitting in the couch, wearing sunglasses while watching Sprout. So I took my camera and took a shot so quick before she changes gestures...and here it is!

My toddler acting like an adult. Her eyes might be hurting from watching TV early in the morning and sunglasses might be of help.

Alright, so I had my karaoke time one night. The said moment didn't last long when the 'lil one grabbed the mic from me that she could sing, too. Yep, she loves to dance and sing. Twinkle, twinkle little star and Pajanimal's Lullabye are her favorites. She can sing the first lines of the songs, too, with matching choreography.

The next Karaoke Star! Sing it, my Deedee!

More fun and stuff in the future as she grows older. Makes me so excited every single day. Hubby's worry is that if she gets so cranky on the plane going to the Philippines..."let's cross the bridge when we get there, babe." She might be good and would sleep for most of the flight, who knows?


""rare*jonRez"" said…
ahh... the fun and silly things that our little ones do are the thing sthat give us fulfillment and rewards of being a mother. your darling Lir is one talented kid and adult eventually, that i can tell. naa man jud pinagmanahan ba maong obvious! :)

i hope she'll do well when you fly home. it's a loooooong flight but things will be easy. akong triz cooperative ra kaayo, iyang kakapoy ihilak lang niya sa hilom and i was all praises because of how she behaved. sya lang ang bata nga wa jud naghilak the entire time, back and forth. i hope your mao pud inyong little one!
Jenn said…
hehe your little darling is so cute lir. hamis kaau ug kutis oi. mag singer cguro na inig daku ay, hehe
imelda said…
wow she'ss be a star her ein the philippines with her kins.shes so cute and adorable.
melandria said…
hello, dropping some ec. hope you can join my blogging contest too.
Cielo said…
such a gorgeous little pretty
*MrsMartinez* said…
Your kid looks cute and adorable!
And she knows how to pose alright!
JohnBenjamin said…
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