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Couldn't help but laugh when I read Recel's comment on this blog which goes "kamingaw sa payag oi" or lonely house ( referring to my blog if I understood it right). And yes Recel is right! My blog is not updated. It has been awhile since my last post and I am trying to give everyone an info of the cause. Thanks dear for giving me a reason to do my job. Catch Recel on My written xPressions to discover her thoughts.

Oh Cel, the status of my blog's rank on SS is not progressing, still not ranked. Not hoping for the best from them anymore. I'll try to keep the alexa rank higher, then submit to peyYou.

I was so busy lately. The wedding invitation for my brother's wedding occupied most of my time after watching the 61 episodes of Queen SeanDeok on Youtube. Thanks God that I am almost done with it. When the accent ribbons arrive in mail anytime this week, I can start the final step. Afterwhich, job is done and I can send it off to the couple in the Philippines next week.

Yesterday, hubby and I did some yard work. Both of us spent the whole day in the sun. We started at around 1Pm and ended late at night around eight. Even the 'lil one stayed with us, showing funny faces; making loud squeals and more. She was the mascot that made her dada and mama laughed so hard, tearing the tiredness and stresses. Great entertainer of the day.

Today, I am trying to relax. My body is sore. Can't barely raise my arms high nor hold my daughter. When I get better tomorrow, time to clean up and redecorate my living room. It's gonna be a busy time again.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.


""rare*jonRez"" said…
Hahaha! You are so funny Lir! I am sorry to have awaken you from your slumber in this blog! But I am thankful to have done it, otherwise, you'll left me in a wandering thought! LOL

I understand your busyness. Mao pud bay ako diri, pero trying hard lang jud mosulat, labi na ug moolah ang sulatonon. Kalagot jud ning SS oi. Nag send naman pud ko ug ticket complaining about my zero rr. Giingnan lang ko ni Carri nga sorry daw unya i-try nila ug fix in a week. Murag semana na man karon pero wa man japon na-fixed. Hasolan pud ko mag-pey you ani oi kay i-domain na pud naku unya daghan kaayo eresonon. I guess i will have to make kulit nalang sa ss, sige send ticket ba aron masumhan sila. gitagaan man pud baya sa SR ug duha ka task so di ra pud mo-mingaw. Naa man pr1 baya kunohay ni. Kung i-domain naku, goodbye PR na pud. Mantenir nalang sa una ko sa isa lang ka blog sa pey you. kung daghanon, basin daghanon pud nila ang task ug bigay, di na naku maapas ug sulat. Nyahahaha!

Ayo-ayo Lir!
lira said…
hehe choks lng Cel oi. Ganahan gani ko ky gipakatawa jud ko nmo.

Ni-reply si ss ingon after midnight daw. unsang after midnight nga pila na katungang gabii ang molabay, wa japon update. d n lng ko moasa ani. daghan n raba kaau niagi nga opps ba.
Twerlyn said…
I wish and pray na mabalik na na inyo blogs Lir aron naa ko mabasahan na opps ninyo kay idea ba..kay pastilan lisod baya ning ss..lisod i-please..maau nilang gahatag na cla ug answer kung unsay mali..i-copy paste nalang dayon then i-approve nila.
lira said…
Ler, unta maging dilang anghel ka. Itsapwera n jud among beauty ani.
*MrsMartinez* said…
Maybe you need a massage to relax you ; )

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