Little Imelda

Eight various pairs of footwear with brands like Old Navy, Gap, Champion, Children's Place, Roxy, Carter's, Healthtex and Faded Glory. She wears size 5. Old shoes and sizes other than size 5 are not included in the photo.

At 19 months, my 'lil one has a collection....footwear! She loves shoes and chooses which one she wants to wear everytime she goes out of the house. Sometimes, she wears a pair while watching TV lol. Good thing I keep her shoes in the utility room, or else, she would be wearing one everyday. I have this rule to keep shoes off the house. Just following what the book has said that it is recommended for babies to walk barefooted on the floor to develop confidence. One more thing is that I dislike stepping on a dirty floor. Justified!

Her dada said that she is onelucky kid for having tons of footwear at an early age. He didn't have that much when he was a kid and so do I that is why I am also collecting shoes lol.

My lil Imelda Marcos! I wonder what she becomes few years later?


Jenn said…
haha she sure loves shoes. :) ok lang na lir at least cute man sad. hehe. nice kaau daghan ug pink. :)
""rare*jonRez"" said…
Hahaha. The little imelda in Louisiana! LOL Lami man mamalit ug shoes nila Lir kay cute man gud kaayo ug porma. Akong egat pud, she's got lots, liwat sa inahan, di ma-kuntento sa duha or tulo! Nyahaha. Ang kiddos kay paspas mousab ilang size kay they grow pa man gud. Size 9 na akong anak karon, unya more shopping na pud ni kay summer na! :D
*MrsMartinez* said…
Wow! she has more shoes than I do lol
""rare*jonRez"" said…
ka-mingaw ba sa payag oi! LOL
Hazelicious929 said…
Those are nice and cute little shoes! I love color pink and blue!
clairity said…
Those shoes are too cute :) She's a very lucky little girl.

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