Maternity dress

Thanks to my sister who sent this.

I love the color but not the design much (lol). Mamili pa jud og unsa ihatag.

She bought this for 699 pesos from Buntis. I know the price coz she didn't pull the the tag. It's kinda expensive for a dress like this with such a simple design. The texture or cloth is cotton.

Oh well, maybe it's the brand that made the price high.

I was joking to them that for the first time, I received something from the Philippines or from my family for how many months of staying here. We just laughed anyway.


jana said…
hello buntit ga wafa ba oi, hehehe dako na ayu na ai, hapit na sd ka manganak sa, happy sunday buntit
yay kaw na lir?pahuway ang mga iring oi hahaha tagam
Lerlyn said…
nice one! mahal bitaw ng sa Buntis na tindahan Lir ba. Pero naa barato sa SM department store tag P99.75 isa, hehe!

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