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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Doctor's appointment plus a dress from in-law

I had my monthly OB's appointment @ 1:30pm today. As usual, the doctor said I'm doing great as well as the baby. I was with my mom-in-law. Chad wasn't able to come as he can't take off from work. Me and his mom really get along so great. She loves to be with me.

After the check-up, we headed to Wal-mart. She was buying some stuff for her dog and garden. On the way to the doctor, she was telling me if I'd go with her, she's gonna buy me clothes. Well, I did. I thought she'd gonna forget it but not. She even insisted to pick what I want. I aint that "kapal ang mukha" to pick something really expensive. So I picked a pink dress for 13$. It's not really a maternity dress but the design is(as seen in the picture).

Just lovin the dress. Thankful as well for havin a sweet and funny in-law.


jana said...

buntis pwera buyag ayaw cg pa sexy diha hehehe,

lira said...

hahahaa,,,pra mahalin pa ba

Jerla Oh lalala said...

aba ka sexy ni mami

Lourdz said...

aguy girl, posing jud bahala'g buntis..haha


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