Filipina actress reveals

This revelation is one of the exclusive stories of Showbiz Central.

Angelika dela Cruz, one of Philippines' fine actresses is three months pregnant. She married Orion Casareo , her long time non-showbiz boyfriend and fiance for 9 months on August 19 2007.

Angelika is one of my favorite actresses. I began to like her when she was like 14 years old. Her cute dimples and fair skin was among her assets by then. She became hotter when she reached her pick years in showbizness showing her multi-talents -- acting, singing and dancing.

What I like about her more is that she keeps her private life her own.

Congratulations gurl!


MarlyMS said…
Angelica is my idol too. I admire her facial shape, dimples, and fair skin. I started liking her since she sang the theme of Sailormoon.

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