Go away germs!

Germs are everywhere. As parents, we are most likely to be very protective to our children. We don't want them to be exposed to germs. But hey, we have to let them sometimes so that their immune system for the development of their immune system

We are afraid that our children will get sick because of contamination of illnesses from the environment. The best thing we have to do is to wash their hands always and make it a habit. Everytime they play with or without playmates, there is a tendency and is very possible to happen that they pick up germs that causes respiratory infections and diarrhea. It happens when they put their fingers in their mouth, noise or even rub their eyes which have been touched on contaminated surfaces.

Just remember! Prevention is better than cure. Washing hand should be a habit.


Twerlyn said…
agree ko lir , mao bisag week old palang c baby ginalaag na aron ma immune sa kagaw.=)

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