A good man passes away

I dunno exactly how to share it here. All I know is that my heart is broken. Lonesome for someone who was so dear to me. Someone who believed in my capabilities. A person who became my fan -- who used to laugh and smile to every jokes I cracked.

Now, I am regretful. Yes, I happened to talk to him on the phone about two weeks ago and yet, that was not enough. Before I left my home country, Philippines, I did not stop by his house to say goodbye nor see him (for the last time). I was thinking then it's better not to see anyone as it would just hurt my poor heart.

Ahhh...it's arduous to think. I want to go back home. I want to see him for the last days of his body in this world. I want to spend time with him though he can not see me any longer. I want to make him smile and laugh. I want him to be alive.

It's so painful to say....my Angkol (Uncle) Boy passed away yesterday. He was 56 years old. Though he was not that young yet not that old to leave. I understand he was sick -- asthma , the cause of his sudden death. He suffered from it for ages and lose too much weight.

I am sobbing as I compose this entry. Still can't believe this is happening.

A man born with a giving heart is now with our Father's hands. I am sorry I wasn't able to see you then. Never in my mind it occurred that I won't be seeing you on my visit.

May you rest in peace, Angkol.


iceah said…
my deepest sympathy...
DebbieDana said…
I know how painful it is to lose someone dear to us. I, too, just lose my mother-in-law recently.

Please accept my heartfelt sympathy and condolences.

Jane Jane said…
My sincere condolences and prayers for you.
suedonim16 said…
It's never easy losing someone dear to you. Pls accept my condolences. Godbless.

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