Featured photo : TRICK OR TREAT

My cutie baby wore her Halloween costume last night. She was supposed to wear accessories that come along it but she screamed. She was not comfortable with it. So the poor mama had to take it off from her. She was fussy coz Mama woke her up just for the sake of taking pictures.

Thanks to Mawmaw(grandpa) for the costume.


so cute tabuchibg.. ching.. As always my Weekend Snapshot is in sequence be sure to visit all to see the realtion between the 3 entries my

Our halloween escapade.. Trick or treat at Kids Ahoy..

View the sweet here, the pretty here and the naughty here.

I am also hosting a giveaway at my new site sweetytots a 3pc Musical Intrument set. Perfect for the kids. Id like to invite you to join here
Twerlyn said…
hala Lir oi..ka healthy nya ba..wala ka bug atan nya Lir?d na cia palahilak?matulog lang cia bisag ibutang lang sa kuna?akong arianna kay gusto man pakugos perme.Sos unsaon nalang kung 3mons na ni bug atan tingali ko.
""rare*jonRez"" said…
awwww! so adorable and super cutie! ang taba... nakakagigil! hehe...

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