Happy birthday granny!

It's my Mamang's (grandma) 75th birthday today. The second time I missed the occasion. It's sad but I have no choice. I can not travel because of my baby. She is too young for it.

Anyway, my Mamang is my number one fan. She loves me to death and is so proud of me. What's my secret? Hmnn I just make her laugh everytime we were together before. Now, she can not see me physically but I make it a point to call her once a month and do the same thing I did before -- make her laugh.

Why she's proud of having a granddaughter like me? It may sound conceited to you but I have to share it here. She brags that I am intelligent, active, kind and all the positive in the world. As they say, "love your own" and that's what she is..."loves her granddaughter".

Happy Birthday, Mang! I know you are complaining of the tiredness you feel now. Please don't go yet. Please tell Papa (grandfather) that you are not ready yet. Wait for me as you promise. We'll have so much fun when I get back (again).

I love you so much and you know that. Thank you for loving me exceptionally.


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