Expectant moms, due date for deliveries to avoid newborn complications

Here in the United States, force labor is somehow common. I find it cool actually but it's risky for both moms and babies.

Anyways, Ive read something online and it's best if it's shared to moms like you and for those who are planning to conceive. Here's an excerpt from the article.

Many parents become anxious toward the end of a pregnancy, when women are sleepless, fatigued and finding it difficult to perform their daily activities. Technology during the past 10 years has made labor induction easier and more successful, and now, more than ever before, deliveries are planned during the last few weeks of pregnancies.

But studies are showing that a delivery even two weeks early can be associated with newborn complications, according to Dr. Celeste Durnwald, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at The Ohio State University Medical Center.

“There is still ongoing development and maturation of the fetus, even in those last few weeks,” notes Durnwald. The consequences of being born early include problems such as jaundice, poor feeding, inability to sit in a car seat without breathing difficulties and, rarely, premature lungs. Read full article here...


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