Back from hiatuses with Christmas photos

I am back from hiatuses. OMG! been away for so long. Anyway, I will try to update this blog regularly..again! and I am starting tonight. So how did I celebrate my Christmas?

Not everyone knows that this is my third X'mas in the USA, third Xmas that I am away from my family and beloved Philippines. I had nothing special (food) on the table. I cooked rice muffins (puto) and bihon guisado for the lil one's supper. It was raining hard, thus, I heard no firecrackers at all. When 12AM hit, the lights in the entire subdivision were off excluding mine. I was wide awake chatting online to my sister in Canada and a friend who works in Korea.

On the 25th, everybody in the family -- hubby, the lil one and me woke up so early for a family time. THe hubby just came home from work. He sacrificed to be awake 24 hours just to celebrate the day. He baked cookies (his tradition) while coaching the lil in opening gifts. I was the photographer lol.

It was indeed a great day and here are some of Christmas 2009 photos.

One of the gifts that she received.

Fussy lil one but the mama ignored the tantrums just to take pictures lol.

Went to the park on the night of Christmas to see some outdoor decors.

Dada and the 'lil one


Nanaybelen said…
Hi. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
imelda said…
hello im visiting from my blogroll. wishing u a happy new year and more blessings ahead
vicy said…
Happy New Year sis Lira..How are you and your cutie little girl..Droppin by to say hi..Take care

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