Alone and scared

The hubby's off work is always our family day. We make it a point to go out of the house and have fun for the little one. Since hubby is on shift, there are times when he's off on weekdays and sometimes on weekends.

One off day, we decided to hit the mall since we haven't been there for quite awhile. It was Thursday, expected that the mall ain't pact with shoppers. When we got there, we could only count the persons roaming around. So after having our lunch, the hubby and the 'lil one went for carousel ride. When it started moving, the lil one started screaming so loud, it echoed all over the mall lol. That was the first time that she rode alone (just with dada) and the first time she got so scared. Maybe it has something to do with not seeing any kids around lol. No more carousel ride (alone) for her. Indeed, it was fun to be out of the house as one family.


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